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The 8 Best Summer/Spring Nail Colors + Photo

Summer/Spring Nail Colors: Literally not enough days in summer to try all of these bright shades.

It’s officially 80 degrees in half of the country, which means my entire mani vibe has shifted to summer nail colors. Goodbye, nude nail polishes and short nails; hello, neon nail colors, cool nail designs; and almond nail shapes.

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, When summer hits, I’m all about showing off the coolest summer nail trends, whether I make an appointment at the salon, DIY, or stick on a press-on nail kit. So you could say I have quite a few ideas when it comes to my summer nail colors this year.

Neons, pastels, creamy nudes, and light shades are about to dominate everyone’s fingers and toes this fall, according to nail artists Julie Kandalec, Syreeta Aaron, and Thuy Nguyen. So I handpicked the top summer nail colors to try this year as well as what to use to do them yourself at home and tips to make it a smidge easier.

The 8 Best Summer/Spring Nail Colors + Photo

1. Barbie-Pink Summer Nails

Summer Nail Colors

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, Yup, the Barbie movie we’ve all been waiting for is finally coming into theaters this summer, meaning it’s 100 percent about to be a Barbie Girl Summer—hey, I don’t make the rules. Commemorate the time with a bright-pink manicure (and pedicure, if you’re feeling extra special).

2. Coral-Glazed Nails For Summer

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, If you’re not glazing your bright-colored summer manis, then IDK what to tell you. Heck, celebrity nail artist Zola Ganzorigt has basically covered every color in a chrome powder at this point. And I am v ~inspired~ by her coral look on Kylie Jenner. The base is slightly muted and pastel, but the shimmery finish makes it feel like a summery dream.

3. Pastel-Lavender Summer-Nail Color

Summer Nail Colors

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, Lavender is the color rn, says nail artist Thuy Nguyen. The pale shade was all over runways for the spring/summer season (ahem, Valentino, Marni, and Louis Vuitton), because it’s a simple, lighter take on the usual bold neons of summer. Paint two coats of this Olive and June shade all over your nails, then go over your tips with one more coat to prevent chips.

4. Pastel Water Color Nails

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, My nail artist mixed a slew of sheer, jelly polishes to get the watercolor effect, then painted on a few different iridescent top coats to get a shimmery, underwater finish.

5. Opalescent Summer Nails

Opalescent Summer Nails

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, Consider this the summer take on glazed-donut nails, nail artist Miki Higuchi previously told Cosmo. Just pair a milky, sheer nail polish with iridescent pearly chrome powder with pink, blue, and purple shimmers for a multi-chrome effect.

6. Chocolate-Milk Nails

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, This creamy, medium-brown nail polish is a great take on a summer neutral nail color, because it’s light and breezy but still has a little depth. TBH, I’m planning on wearing this to a few summer weddings.

7. Bright-Green Summer Nails

Bright-Green Summer Nails

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, Not only did this shade blow TF up on runways (we’re talking Givenchy, Michael Kors, Elie Saab), but it made its nail debut on Hailey Bieber, who has essentially started every massive nail trend of the last year. She combined hers with a gold-chrome accent for Coachella, which feels totally right. But feel free to try this shade as an accent nail to dip your toes fingers in.

8. Milky Nails For Summer

Summer/Spring Nail Colors, TikTok’s latest nail trend? Milky nails, which is essentially just a sheer, cream nail color. It’s like glazed-doughnut nails before you put the chrome powder on. To get that creamy effect, just drip one drop of top coat onto your nail after you’ve painted on your white nail polish while it’s still wet.

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