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Nail Colors For Dark Skin: The 14 Dark Skin Nail Colors

Nail Colors For Dark Skin: Knowing how to use the right nail colors for dark skin tones is essential for your optimum appreciation. You might think this is easy because it’s nail color after all. You just have to look through your neatly kept pile of colors to pick the right one.  Yes, it might be easy but we know even if we love some colors, it doesn’t mean we will love back.

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, If you are a brown-skinned lady, you don’t have to worry, there are a million and one shades in the rainbow chart that your skin can complement and make that nail pop. You don’t have to worry about sticking to nude or the RBG (Red, Blue, and Green) undertones to get a standout nail.

There are lots of colors that you can play with and you can start experimenting with these wild and bright colors of your choice.

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, So push yourself out of your comfort zone and take your pick out of these colors that look incredible against dark skin tones.

1. The Classic Red

Nail Colors For Dark Skin

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Red is a go-to color for dark skin tones because it exudes elegance and class all the time. It can be worn any time of the year, especially for occasions when you want to make a bold statement.

2. Cobalt Blue

Nail Colors For Dark Skin

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Yes, this is another primary color, but you have to admit bold and bright colors pop out on dark skin tones. It also speaks regal class. Cobalt blue can be worn any time of the year also, especially in spring when colors are in full glow.

3. Chocolate

Nail Colors For Dark Skin

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Monochromatic nail polish will still be in trend this year and what best way than to rock it. You can pick a color that closely blends with yours to give it that seamless manicure. Though the nail color won’t pop against your skin, it will give it that artistic statement that would turn people’s heads.

4. Burgundy

Nail Colors For Dark Skin

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Burgundy is becoming the classy-edgy color to go comes after red. The deep and mellow tones give it a powerful aura that speaks in a room. To get the best effects, you can pair it with a metallic accent.

5. Lemon Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Flashy colors are the rave right now, and what better way to stand out than with a lemon yellow color. The nail color will give an acid-citrusy feel because of its color semblance to the fruit. You can wear it when you feel like going edgy but still with a little class and add color accents to make it pop.

6. Cream


Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Cream nail polish will always stand out against a dark skin tone. It’s a color that will rather than wash out your skin tone, it will emphasize the deep richness of it. It also goes with any outfit, making it the safest choice. Like they say cream and coffee are like five and six.

7. Rust


Nail Colors For Dark Skin, This is another nail color that gives an understated pop. Using rust is really nice to the skin without being too bright to be blinding. You can add sparkling adornments to give you a more edgier look.

8. Neon Yellow

Neon Yellow

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, This screams wild fun. The fluorescent yellow acrylic nails will surely draw the attention it is craving. Wearing this nail color will make you look chic and fun. You can wear this on days where you need a confidence booster.

9. Bright-Out Orange

Bright-Out Orange

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, This vibrant color is a dark skin’s best friend. The color alone is bound to give you the confidence boost you want. Orange tends to wash out with pale skin but if you are dark-skinned be sure to experiment and see the color bounce nicely off your skin.

10. Metallic


Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Metallic came into the nail world a few years back and since then it has stayed in trend. Paired with sparkles, metallic is sure to stand out when you wear it. It is good for a night out, the festive season, or any other lively occasion.

11. White


Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Let’s face it, white will forever be a classic nail color for dark skin tones. It is a timeless nail polish color. The bright crisp, clean shade against deep chocolate skin will create a contrast that will stand out anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.

12. Jelly Nails

Jelly Nails

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, You can try this fun trendy look to spice things up and still make it simple. Jelly nails involve wearing see-through acrylics in bright colors that will beautifully pop against your dark skin tones. They could be your go-to style if you are looking for exquisite simplicity.

13. Soft Green

Soft Green

Nail Colors For Dark Skin, Having a little green accentuated by a bright color like orange, white or yellow is a fun way to show off colors on dark skin tones.

14. Taupe


This brown-meets-gray color makes the top of the list as far as nail colors for dark skin go. Taupe gives a subtler feel on dark skins, just like the cream polish. You can consider pairing it with a gold glitter accent nail for a touch of glitz.

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