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Spring Hair Colors: The 10 Gorgeous Hair Colors To Try This Spring

Spring Hair Colors: To get you inspired, we asked the pros to shed some light on the best spring hair colors for 2024. Scroll through to discover the new hues we’re eyeing.

This year’s winter hair colors have embraced low-maintenance shades like cozy blonde, but expect elevated shades to pop up as temps rise. According to Tracey Cunningham, celebrity colorist and Olaplex global brand ambassador, super-polished hair with rich dye jobs are trending in a huge way this spring. “I anticipate we will see a resurgence in color that embodies the ‘quiet luxury’ or ‘stealth wealth’ trends which means the hair color is multidimensional with multiple tones, both highlights and lowlights,” she says. “The colors themselves will vary across the spectrum—blondes, brunettes, redheads, and everything in between.”

Spring Hair Colors: The 10 Gorgeous Hair Colors To Try This Spring

1. Quiet-Luxury Brunette

Quiet-Luxury Brunette Spring Hair Colors

Spring Hair Colors, Quiet luxury is still going strong in 2024—yes, even in hair. “This trend consists of a blend of warm brunette tones all throughout the hair, painted specifically to show light and color,” says Cunningham. “Ask your colorist for a rich brunette base, and a mix of lowlights and highlights around the face and throughout the lower two thirds of the hair.”

2. Hot Taki Red

Spring Hair Colors, Red hair isn’t going anywhere and the latest trending shade is a callback to one of our favorite snacks, Takis. “This color gives off a different type of flare,” says Lauren Mildice, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “With a murky volcanic blaze, your color will be soft yet powerful. This will be trending since it’s not as ‘strong’ and neon-looking as a red or copper color. People with more of an olive pigment or deep complexion would serve this color the best.”

To get the look, ask for a dusty volcanic color and clarify that you want to stay away from neons. “Look for a faded red,” she adds. “The only thing about this color that you have to upkeep is the grow-out line. You should be getting your color touched up every four to six weeks with this look.”

3. Caramel Dimension

Spring Hair Colors

Spring Hair Colors, Add even more dimension to cozy blonde with a caramel balayage on a deep brown base. “I love this color since it is not too blonde and it incorporates natural color with heavy caramel strands,” says Mildice, who adds that the look works especially nicely on curly hair. “The curls need heavier dimension, meaning you don’t highlight small strands since they will blend too much. The strong stripes of caramel accentuate the curl pattern.”

4. Soft Ginger

If you were a fan of cowgirl copper, you’ll love this softer, spring-ready iteration of the shade. “This will be great fresh start for spring since it’s a lighter tone and easy to try on,” says Mildice. “If you were too nervous to try out cowgirl copper, this is a great way to introduce those warmer tones into your color. Soft ginger complements fair to medium brown skin the most. All textures and cuts work with this color.”

5. Golden Bronde

Golden Bronde

Spring Hair Colors, Cunningham created Jennifer Lopez’s stunning golden brown-blonde shade, which she thinks will be a trending shade this spring. “The key to the golden bronde look is to really lighten up hair around the face,” she says, “from the top of the head all the way to the tips of the hair around the face, and then seamlessly blend out the golden color throughout the bottom third of the hair all the way around the head.”

6. Red-Hot

For a brighter take on red hair, Cunningham recommends a true red dye job, like the color she created for Emma Stone. If you’re not a natural redhead (Stone is a natural blonde), Cunningham says to touch base with your colorist beforehand. “If you don’t have naturally red hair and want to go red, talk with your colorist about the best way to do it—and the best way to maintain it.”

Spring Hair Colors, It may take multiple sessions to achieve the shade you want. You also have to factor in maintenance. “Red is one of the hardest colors to maintain, so you’ll need to prepare to see your colorist more frequently for touchups and gloss treatments to keep hair looking its best,” she says. “Home maintenance is also key with red hair. I tell all my clients to use Olaplex to help keep hair its healthiest, not only when they shampoo and condition but also if they blow-dry their hair.”

7. Soft Framed Espresso

Soft Framed Espresso

Spring Hair Colors, If you’re brunette but looking to spice up your look, try “teasylights”: a technique colorists use whereby they tease your hair before applying color. “This is an amazing change for brunettes since most feel they have to add blonde into their hair to create dimensions or a new look,” says Mildice. “By lighting the hair and toning it down to a lighter brunette shade, it creates a soft suede blend. Olive to the deepest skin tones would accentuate this look the best, but any texture works.”

8. Bombshell Blonde

Spring Hair Colors, Barbiecore blonde may have dominated the past year, but Cunningham predicts that warmer, dirtier blonde will become more popular once temps start to rise. “We’ll see more a bombshell warmer blonde take hold, like the color mix I created for Bebe Rexha,” says Cunningham. “We lifted her base color, leaving a bit of the darker root at the top of the head and then did a base blonde all throughout to lighten the hair. We then added warmer highlights all throughout the hair and did an Olaplex chelating treatment, which is a professional treatment.”

9. Soft Brushed Blonde

Soft Brushed Blonde

Spring Hair Colors, If you’re transitioning from brunette to blonde, this subtle shade is for you. “The base starts with a cool acorn like brown,” says Mildice. “That color sweeps its way down into a subtle blonde. Sometimes less is more, especially if you had blonde in the past and went brown. Combine the two!”

Spring Hair Colors, the same soft color, ask for “a light faded ombré starting with a light brown at the roots fading to soft blonde ends.” To avoid a harsh fade, ask your colorist to add dimension midshaft of your hair to make it gradually blend. “The benefit of this color is its less maintenance so you can go without needing a color refresh for at least eight weeks or more depending on how frequently you cut your hair,” she adds.

10. Butterscotch Blonde

Spring Hair Colors, You’re going to see butterscotch blonde everywhere this spring, Madison Reed master colorist Shvonne Perkins tells Glamour. “Deep blonde will be trending this season, with butterscotch blonde taking the cake,” she says. “This rich, balanced color allows for a beautiful golden depth, instead of an icy pop.”

Spring Hair Colors, The best part? It’s so easy to DIY. If you’re starting with a light blonde base and looking to add richness, opt for Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco. “When golden is present, violet tones are key for keeping color balanced,” she continues. “To maintain the color, choose the ColorSolve Shampoo and Conditioner flavor best suited for your personal hair needs and add the Color Depositing Shot in Blonde for toning and vibrancy.”

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