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Spring Gel Nail Ideas: The 10 Best Gel Nail Ideas For Spring

Spring Gel Nail Ideas: A spring-inspired manicure can be interpreted in many ways. You can fully lean into the seasonal vibes and opt for floral nail art and multicolor designs.

Or, you can take a more subtle approach and opt for a solid coat of pastel polish. Regardless of your style, there are plenty of options for everyone when it comes to a spring mani. Ahead, you’ll find 10 stunning gel nail ideas for spring, many of which are easy to DIY. Keep scrolling to find your favorite nail look for the months ahead.

1. Baby Pink Chrome Nails

Spring Gel Nail Ideas

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, Strawberry glazed donut nails are here to stay. As luxe as they look, they’re easy to DIY. For this look, start with two coats of DND Gel Polish. Top it off with the Daily Charme Sterling Pearl Chrome, and finish the look with your favorite top coat.

2. Two-Tone Pink Outline French Tips

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, Spring is the perfect time to wear a baby pink nail look, and this one is a breeze to DIY.  Using a fine-lining nail art brush and hot pink nail polish, trace a thin line at the top of each nail sticker.

3. Ballet Slipper Pink French Tips

Spring Gel Nail Ideas

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, This velvet, light pink mani can also be DIYed. Again, you’ll want to use a French manicure sticker to perfect your French tips and cuticle designs.

4. Short Color Block Nails

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, We’re obsessed with this pastel neon squoval mani. To bring the color-block look to life, simply invert your French mani stickers.

5. High-Contrast French Tips


Spring Gel Nail Ideas, This colorful outlined French mani is so bright and cheery. Aside from several polishes, you’ll need some nail art brushes to achieve precise lines. We recommend the Lights Lacquer Detail Brush Kit.

6. Cornflower Blue Nails

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, Sometimes, a nail color is so stunning it doesn’t even require any nail art to turn heads. This baby blue mani fits the bill. Use CND Gel Polish in Chance Taker to achieve a similar look.

7. Citrus Stripe Nails

 Citrus Stripe Nails

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, Make your nude manicure more vibrant with a few burnt orange, pink, and marigold stripes. The resulting nail look feels reminiscent of fresh citrus.

8. Milky Nails

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, For a neutral spring mani, consider a milky, long, almond-shaped nail look.

9. Mint Floral Nails

Mint Floral Nails

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, Mint is a popular nail color for spring. It looks stunning on its own, but adding floral accents takes a minty mani to the next level.

10. Multicolor French Tips

Spring Gel Nail Ideas, When it comes to French manicures, you don’t need to stick to one color. We love mixing and matching polishes—and this nail look is just one way to do so.

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