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The 8 Beautiful Graduation Nail Ideas For Celebrating Your Day + Photos

Graduation Nail Ideas: Much like weddings, graduations are a time when it’s common for the guests of honor to wear white.

Even if your ceremony doesn’t require it, white is one of the most popular outfit color choices for graduation day, as are neutrals and muted pastels.

Graduation Nail Ideas, Because of this, planning a graduation ensemble is remarkably similar to deciding your look for a wedding—many people opt for more neutral accessories, natural-looking makeup, and classic manicures.

Speaking of the latter, ahead you’ll find 8 graduation nail ideas that will help you look and feel your most triumphant while gripping that degree (or the placeholder many schools give you before mailing the real diploma later). Keep reading to see them all, and remember that the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your mani for your big day.

1. Milky Swirls

Graduation Nail Ideas

Graduation Nail Ideas, Looking for a chic graduation nail idea that’s not totally opaque? Opt for a sheer, milky neutral base with bright white swirls throughout. Here, you can see how beautiful the design looks on longer nails, though you can try a version on any length. If you’re looking to add length to your nails ahead of your big day, an easy and safe way to do.

2. Gemstone French

Graduation Nail Ideas

Graduation Nail Ideas, You can never go wrong with a classic French mani, but to give it an extra flair worthy of graduation festivities, consider adding a single gemstone to each nail. The finished look is understated while still offering a wow factor that your classmates are sure to compliment as you line up together for the ceremony.

3. Chic Black Ribbons

Graduation Nail Ideas, If you’ve decided to go with an LBD or want a mani that adds contrast to your white or neutral look, this graduation nail idea is anything but basic. The abstract black ribbons add a subtle edge to the pearlescent pink base while still feeling understated. Since the design doesn’t need to be uniform, it’s possible to DIY if you’re running out of time to schedule a nail appointment.

4. White Croc

Graduation Nail Ideas, Another option is to transform a fun-filled summer nail art trend into a graduation-ready mani. By using white polish, you can turn a bold crocodile print into something that feels right at home alongside your formal ensemble.

5. Bejeweled Nude

Bejeweled Nude

Graduation Nail Ideas, Hoping to make the whole place shimmer? Top off a demure nude mani with evenly spaced gemstones. The exact base color used here is the Cirque Colors Nail Polish in Georgette.

6. Dream Come True

Dream Come True

Graduation Nail Ideas, If you’ve been dreaming of your graduation for longer than feels humanly possible, a sheer cloud mani is a fun, perfectly appropriate choice. This one goes with classic white designs against a neutral background, but you could also swap either for pastels if you went a more colorful route with your outfit.

7. Glazed Donut Mani

Graduation Nail Ideas, To recreate this look, all you need is OPI’s Nail Lacquer in Pale to the Chief, topped off with chrome powder—you can either ask for this at the salon or recreate the finish yourself with eyeshadow.

8. Micro French

Graduation Nail Ideas, For a no-frills, graduation-ready mani that looks undeniably chic, keep it simple with a micro French manicure. All you have to do to recreate this look is file your nails, apply a base coat, and add a sheer, neutral allover color. Once dry, use the Orly Half Moon Guides to section out your micro French tips, then fill them in with white polish. Finish with a glossy or matte top coat, depending on your desired look—either is sure to be stunning on your big day.

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