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The Best 7 Halloween Spooky Fruit And Veggie Snacks

Halloween Spooky Fruit: We love autumn, the harvest, the fall – plus the ghoulish gourds that go along with this time of year! And since Halloween 2021 is swiftly approaching – we’re seeking the best spooky fruits and veggies to help us celebrate.

We’ve come up with the creepiest collection of the spookiest fruits and veggies ever put in one place.

Top 7 Spooky Fruits and Veggies for Your Next Halloween Party!

Behold – and beware!

These are the creepiest fruits and veggies we could find.

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Proceed at your own risk!

1. Green Apple Ghoulies!

Halloween Spooky Fruit

Halloween Spooky Fruit, If you want to create green apple ghoulies – you can use bananas and blueberries as the eyes. Or, you can use candy wafers. A dash of peanut butter holds the items in place!

Who else wants to serve a delicious, healthy snack while also spooking your friends and family?

These spooky green apple ghoulies will do the trick – and they’re delicious to eat – so it’s worth going out of your way to make them.

I promise!

The best part is that you probably already have everything you need if you want to make something similar.

Halloween Spooky Fruit, By the way – here’s an epic apple monster recipe I found on Food Network. These are so delicious – and easy to make!

Halloween Spooky Fruit: Green Apple Ghoulie Ingredients:

Green apple slices

Peanut butter

Strawberry slices

Banana slices

Candy eye wafers

When you’re creating your green apple ghoulies – you have flexibility when making the creature’s teeth.

You can use Apple Jacks, peanuts, oats, sunflower seeds, – or any cereal you have that fits the job.

I recommend using peanut butter for the mouth! It adds tons of flavor and also holds the creature’s strawberry tongue in place.

Like magic!

2. Pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns!

Halloween Spooky Fruit

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Even though we found nearly a dozen spooky fruits in this countdown – I think pumpkins deserve the top spot for scary vegetables! Roasted pumpkin seeds are also delicious – so they get bonus points.

Pumpkins are still one of the creepiest vegetables (gourds) – and one of the best ways to help celebrate fall and Halloween.

Here’s why!

Jack o Lanterns are a ton of fun to carve – and pumpkins are one of the easiest gourds to grow. And – when your pumpkins are ready to harvest, Halloween is usually right around the corner.

Talk about perfect timing!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, You get to relax, celebrate your season, and carve a frightening Jack o Lantern that will spook your neighbors – and all who dare pass!

(Also, if you decide to carve a spooky pumpkin, then read these Jack o Lantern preservation tips. They can help you get the most from your spooky veggies!)

Jack o Lantern Ingredients:

Fully-grown pumpkin

Carving kit

Jack o Lantern stencils

Food grade marker

LED Jack o Lantern bulb

One more thing about pumpkins! When you begin to carve and clean your pumpkin – whatever you do, don’t toss the seeds!

You can roast the pumpkin seeds in your oven for 15 minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Season your pumpkin seeds lightly with olive oil and salt.

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Enjoy your pumpkin seeds fresh from the oven as you light your Jack o Lantern for an epic evening of Halloween frolic!

Add a pumpkin-flavored ale or two to the mix for bonus points.

(Now that’s how you celebrate your harvest. In style!)

3. Mandarin Orange Spider Bites!

Halloween Spooky Fruit

Halloween Spooky Fruit, These spooky mandarin orange spiders are fun food art for your kids – and they also make for an excellent centerpiece for your Halloween party. You can also use blood oranges instead of mandarin!

Who says spooky fruits and veggies need to be unhealthy? Not us!

Here’s a fun way to turn your mandarin oranges into a spooky (and delicious) treat that your entire family will adore.

These Mandarin spider bites are also perfect for toddlers who love Halloween – but hate eating fruits and veggies.

(They’re also excellent for all spooky fruit-loving homesteaders like me!(

Mandarin Orange Spider Bite Ingredients:

Halloween Spooky Fruit, One bag of mandarin oranges

Or, you can use blood oranges!

Candy wafer eyes

Optional – plastic spiders (for ambiance.)

I remember when I was a kid, I used to love gummy worms – and gummy spiders!

These mandarin oranges look just at neat – and they’re probably much better for you.

Halloween Spooky Fruit, They’re also one of the easiest spooky fruits to prepare if you’re looking for a fun project or way to surprise your fellow homesteaders without much fuss.

4. Baked Pear Monsters!

Baked Pear Monsters!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, These spooky baked pear monsters freak me out! If you’ve never tasted a baked pear, you’re also in for a treat! Add a few dashes of whipped cream if you want to make your taste buds dance.

Fans of horror – gather around and feast your eyes on these unsightly critters!

These frightful baked pear monsters easily top the spooky fruits and veggies agenda as the most unsettling fruit on this entire list!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, They also rock for shocking your colleagues during this year’s Halloween party – and for showcasing your eerily impressive artistic talent.

I also found an easy-to-follow pear ghost’s recipe perfect if you want to bake your very own batch!

Baked Pear Monsters Ingredients:

Four fresh pears

One cinnamon stick

Blueberries or blackberries (for the eyes!)

Red grape juice

Halloween Spooky Fruit, I think you could achieve a similar effect using a skinned apple instead of a pear. But, I think the pear shape resembles a ghost or a ghoul almost perfectly.

Also – these pears are some of the spookiest fruits on this list. Perfect if you’re a horror fan.

Food for thought!

5. Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts!

Chocolate Strawberry Ghosts!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Strawberry ghosts are the most delicious spooky fruits on this entire list. I love the contrasting flavors of chocolate and strawberries – like fondue chocolate! Try not to eat all of your strawberry ghosts in one sitting!

These strawberry ghosts top the list as the most delicious spooky fruit – by far. I want to eat them all!

One of the only problems with creating these strawberry ghosts is that you’ll probably devour all of them before you get a chance to share with friends.

Halloween Spooky Fruit, That’s a real shame because these strawberry ghosts look so adorable – you’re going to want to show them off. So, make extra!

(That’s why I always recommend making these in batches of two dozen. Have lots of friends? Better make it three dozen!(

Chocolate Strawberry Ghost Ingredients:

Fresh strawberries

White chocolate

Melting chocolate sauce

Food coloring pens

Halloween Spooky Fruit, If you’re looking for instructions to help make these spooky fruits – I found an easy strawberry ghost recipe from the Delish blog – don’t worry, it’s easy to follow!

If you don’t plan on eating your strawberry ghosts right away – you might want to chuck them in the fridge.

They’ll last a lot longer in the fridge – and they also offer an excellent crunch as you bite into them if they’re chilled!

(They’re also delicious and soft when eaten at room temperature. But – I prefer slightly chilled.)

6. Halloween Citrus Lanterns!

Halloween Citrus Lanterns!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, These scary painted faces are adorable and quick to make in a pinch. It’s easy to decorate other spooky fruit, too. But, these oranges look like tiny pumpkins and Jack o Lanterns – so they’re perfect!

I love these adorable (and spooky!) mini citrus pumpkins as a quick and fast way to decorate or transform nearly any citrus into a pumpkin.

Here’s the best way to surprise your kids if you pack their school lunches!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Or, if you want to spruce up your dining room table this Halloween – try assembling an entire army of these Halloween lanterns!

Halloween Citrus Lanterns Ingredients:

Halloween Spooky Fruit, One bag of tangerines, oranges, or blood oranges

Food grade marker

Jack o Lantern Stencils

The main thing I love about these mini Jack o Lanterns is that they’re so quick and easy to make.

Yet – they look adorable! (And, spooky!)

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Whoever you make them for – will likely appreciate the gesture very much.

Avoid the temptation to use a magic marker! Instead, always use food-grade coloring markers when decorating food.

7. Creepy Pepper Jack o Lanterns!

Creepy Pepper Jack o Lanterns!

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Here’s a spooky veggie you can devour after decorating! Try drizzling your Jack o Lantern peppers with olive oil and tossing them in your next garden salad! Or, you can try slicing them thinly and rolling them in an epic toasted sandwich with turkey, cheese, kale, and cucumbers.

We’ve all seen creepy pumpkin Jack o Lanterns and gourd Jack o Lanterns – but what about pepper Jack o Lanterns?

Turning your peppers into scary ghost lanterns might be one of the best (and most unique) ways to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Not only is this a borderline-genius way to surprise your friends – but it’s also much less intimidating than carving a pumpkin.

Peppers are smaller, lighter, and cheaper than pumpkins. (So, if you mess up when carving – no big deal.)

Creepy Pepper Lanterns Ingredients:

Halloween Spooky Fruit, Several large bell peppers

Sharp knife (be careful when carving!)

Jack o Lantern stencil or design ideas

Once you see your first pepper Jack o Lantern – you may realize that you’ve been missing out. Who knew peppers were so spooky?!

That’s why we took the next step and found another spooky pepper variety – the spooky stuffed bell pepper!

These are much more significant – and more delicious.

(They’re also spookier. Proceed with caution!(

Thank you so much for reading!

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