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Exercise With Makeup: What Happens To Our Skin If We Exercise With Makeup?

Exercise With Makeup: According to this article, using powder cream during aerobic exercise can also reduce skin fat and make it dry.

You’ve probably heard a lot about not going to bed with makeup on at night, but what about going to the gym with makeup on?

If We Exercise With Make-up, What Is The Result?

Exercise With Makeup

Exercise With Makeup, According to a study recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, it is really important for skin health whether you go to the gym with or without makeup.

The Huffington Post quoted Dongsun Park, the author of the study from South Korea’s National University of Education, who wrote that it is better to exercise with a clean face for the health of the skin.

Exercise With Makeup, This study with the participation of 43 volunteers showed that the skin of people who had powder cream, compared to people with clean skin, retains more moisture. This mean that sweat can’t evaporate as much as it should from under the makeup.

According to this article, using powder cream during aerobic exercise can also reduce skin fat and make it dry.

Additionally, makeup can clog pores.

Exercise With Makeup, Such conditions can lead to breakouts known as “sports acne,” Dr. Justin Hextall, a dermatologist at La Roche-Posay, told the Women’s Health website.

Clogged pores look white and uneven when they’re filled with sebum and not exposed to air, she says. These pores can eventually become inflamed and this is where papules (red raised bumps), pustules (whiteheads) and sometimes deeper cysts appear.

Exercise With Makeup: Do You Insist On Makeup?

Exercise With Makeup

Exercise With Makeup, Although exercising with clean skin is the best way to keep your skin healthy, if you’re not comfortable without makeup, you can do less damage to your skin while still feeling better with minimal makeup.

Exercise With Makeup, For this condition, dermatologist Ariane Gilbert suggests washing your face with a mild cleanser before your workout to make sure your pores are clean and makeup can’t trap too much bacteria. In addition, he advises not to use cream powder and any greasy and heavy product, so as not to prevent sweat and toxins from leaving the skin, which results in blackheads and acne.

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