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Dark Skin Nail Colors: The 7 Gorgeous Nail Colors For Dark Skin + Photos

Dark Skin Nail Colors: Practically every day, another new nail shade launches. And while this wasn’t always the case, these days, many of those shades are specifically formulated with dark skin tones in mind.

What’s the best nail color for dark skin tones?

Well, pretty much all the hues of the rainbow—there isn’t a single shade that doesn’t work for melanin-rich skin. Vibrant, high-impact colors pop against your pigment, while deep, sultry shades are practically created for those with deeper skin tones. And as long as the formula is quality, pastels will provide a beautiful contrast. (And who wants to mess with a low-quality polish anyway?) Keep scrolling for 8 fun nail colors that look amazing on dark skin tones.

1. Fire Red

Dark Skin Nail Colors

Dark Skin Nail Colors, Go bold or go home with a vibrant red shade. A slight squiggle in the middle will add dimension and intrigue. Use precisely applied tape to achieve this negative space style.

2. Aqua Blue

Dark Skin Nail Colors

Dark Skin Nail Colors, Choose a bright blue like this vibrant aqua hue. If you’re feeling spicy, recreate the above by adding a metallic adornment in the center for an edgy finish.

3. Pastel Pink

Dark Skin Nail Colors

Dark Skin Nail Colors, Stand out this season and choose a pastel-colored hue, like baby blue or soft pink, that will look gorgeous against your skin.

4. Sky Blue

Sky Blue nail color

Dark Skin Nail Colors, Pairing a neutral skin shade like this brown hue with a bright blue will make for the coolest-looking contrast.

5. Bright White

Bright White

Dark Skin Nail Colors, White nails look incredibly chic on dark skin. Add some pizzazz with a sharp, silver cutout design like this.

6. Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

Dark Skin Nail Colors, This modern style shows how playing with lines seamlessly meshes opposite colors together in the best way. Chocolate brown will always look like it was made for dark skin—adding a splash of ocean blue takes this shade up a notch.

7. Peachy Perfection

Peachy Perfection

Dark Skin Nail Colors, A light peach shade gives nails a nice wash of muted color. Add as many accents as you like, but seriously, the peachy tone here looks fantastic.

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