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Concentration Disorder: You Are Not Alone If You Find It Difficult To Concentrate For Long Periods Of Time

Concentration Disorder: According to CNN, most people not only stay focused on a screen for less than a minute, but if they are distracted while working on a project or task, it takes them about 25 minutes to refocus on the same task.

It must have happened to you that you are busy working long hours, but you feel that you have not even started your work yet and your attention is constantly distracted from the tasks that have been assigned to you, towards other activities that you think are necessary.

Concentration Disorder, Dr. Gloria Mark, a professor of computer science at the University of California, who researches the impact of digital media on today’s life and has researched the decline of the ability to focus for decades and has written a book entitled “Attention Span: A Groundbreaking Way to Restore Balance, Happiness and Productivity.” Today’s distraction compares humans to the behavior of squirrels who constantly do different things and go from one place to another.

“In 2004, our survey of the average screen attention span was two and a half minutes,” he says. “A few years later, we found that the attention span was 75 seconds, and now we have found that people are only able to focus on the screen for 47 seconds.”

Concentration Disorder, According to CNN, most people not only stay focused on a screen for less than a minute, but if they are distracted while working on a project or task, it takes them about 25 minutes to refocus on the same task. “Research shows that it takes us 25 minutes and 26 seconds to refocus on our main project or task,” says Mark.

Concentration Disorder: What Is The Reason For The Limitation Of This Concentration Range?

Concentration Disorder

Concentration Disorder, Mark explains: “If we look at workflow in terms of project switching, rather than short and brief attention to the screen, we find that people spend 10 minutes on each work project without distraction and then move on to another project. »

Do you think they will immediately return to work and the main project? Mark’s answer is negative: “When our attention changes in the second project or task, we go back to another task, which is the third project.

Concentration Disorder, It’s unbelievable, but research shows that we divert from the third project to the fourth, and then go back and pick up the original interrupted project. So it doesn’t mean that we stop working for 25 minutes and stay idle, in fact, we are doing other tasks during these 25 minutes.”

How To Focus?

Concentration Disorder, Why is it really so hard to focus? As we have heard, the ability to do multiple tasks at the same time is a valuable skill in the age of information overload. But Mark says that except in rare and exceptional cases, we don’t have such a thing as a multitasked, and unless one of the tasks is automatic, like chewing gum or walking, we often can’t do two demanding tasks at the same time.

For example, when you’re in a meeting, you can’t check email at the same time, and when you’re focused on one task, you lose track of the other task. According to Mark, you actually switch your focus between two tasks very quickly. This rapid change of attention creates stress, increases blood pressure and heart rate, and psychologically, it leads to stress, more fatigue, mistakes and reduced productivity.

Concentration Disorder, Mark points the finger of blame at new technologies and the Internet, but the main culprit is email. He says: “E-mail is the worst, because it informs about work and projects, and research has shown that there is a connection between e-mail and increased stress; therefore, one must learn how to manage it.”

According to Mark, to increase focus, we need to be conscious and aware of how we use technology, and plan and schedule the optimal use of it. In this case, we can prevent it from disrupting our daily life and activities. For example, at night, you can reduce the mental burden by listing and writing down tasks and putting them aside.

Concentration Disorder, Regarding the distraction caused by social networks, you can remove their icons from your computer, laptop or mobile desktop and put them in a folder so that you have to spend more time to access them.

Walking in nature, reading books and meditating are other effective activities in increasing concentration.

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