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The 10 Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover: Getting some new makeup products is not enough to give yourself a makeover. Also, applying makeup all the time to look good might be a tedious task for many people. It gets even more difficult when you have to do the grooming all by yourself.

Therefore, you need to learn how to give yourself a makeover the right way. If you are not sure about the process, we have provided a step-by-step guide on how to get the perfect makeover in this article. Read further to know more!


Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Scrubbing Promotes Collagen Production: Scrubbing Promotes Collagen Production Scrubbing helps maintain skin elasticity and youthfulness by promoting collagen production.

Foundation for Oily Skin: Scrubbing Promotes Collagen Production Opt for powder foundations if you have oily skin, as they help absorb excess sebum and reduce the greasy appearance.

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Eye shadow for Vibrant Eyes: Scrubbing Promotes Collagen Production Choosing an eye shadow color opposite to your eye color creates a contrast and makes your eyes pop.

Groom Your Eyebrows: Scrubbing Promotes Collagen Production Define your eyebrows with a brow pencil to fill in sparse areas and shape your brows for an enhanced look.

How to do Self Makeup

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Here I share with you 10 Self makeup tips which you can follow for best results.

1. Sharp eye and lip liners

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, To get super sharp liners, you have to freeze them in a refrigerator. Place your liners in the refrigerator in the morning if you are planning to go for an evening party. Sharpen the liners before applying the makeup and you’ll get the best results ever.

2. Always scrub

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Be mindful of little self-care details. Exfoliating your face is important. When you don’t scrub your face, the dry and dead skin makes your face look dull and dark. So scrubbing is necessary for a perfect look.

Just mix baking soda and water in equal quantities and stir it well.

After mixing, apply it on your face and rub it into your skin gently for up to 3 to 4 minutes and then wash it with clean water.


You can also use rose water instead of regular water to make your skin blemish-free and clear.

3. A Foundation is all you need

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, For getting a fair skin tone, we use “Foundation” as the base layer of makeup. But when done poorly, it looks too cakey and uneven. So it is essential that you apply this perfectly so that it appears invisible. Don’t make the mistake of not blending the foundation down the neck and out on the ears. This could make you look like a clown.


Always prepare your skin before applying foundation by applying a moisturizer and a primer first. These help make your skin look smooth and poreless.

4. Get Set Blush

Get Set Blush

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Most of us think that Blush is a powdered makeup which adds color to the cheeks, but it does more than this. It shadows and contours the cheekbones. If badly applied, blush gives us some sort of an 80s look and not in a good way.

Smitha Deepak, a YouTuber, applies tint as blush in her everyday makeup. She believes it adds color to her face and freshens up her entire look. She also applies a little blush on the center of her nose, saying, “I also like to add just a little bit in the center of my nose that gives a very natural, sunburnt look.”

5. The Eyeconic Eyes

Eyeconic Eyes

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, My sister jokes about certain women saying their eyes look like “shutter doors” as they apply lots of eye shadow. The biggest mistake is that they mess up their makeup with an overdose of eyeliner, using it on the top and bottom lash line till it shrinks the eye. If you have some bold and very dark eyeliners, use them for night time occasions, this gives you a pretty appearance, improves your self-esteem, and lifts your confidence. These shades are not meant for use during the day!

6. Be Smart with Mascara


Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Everyone likes waterproof mascara, I too love it. But I struggle too much while removing it. So I always apply a first coat with regular mascara, then above this I apply the waterproof one. Using it in this style helps the waterproof mascara to lock onto the other mascara instead of the eye lashes and it is easy to remove.

Smitha likes to use transparent mascara to lift her eyelashes and make her eyes look brighter. She said, “Nice thing about transparent mascara is while it gives you that lash lift, it also looks very natural and even if it smudges you can’t tell because it is transparent.”

7. Slides smoothly

Slides smoothly

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, If you want to make your lips appear stunningly fresh, then scrub them so that the lip color slides smoothly without caking. Use a toothbrush and rub it over your lips to take off the damaged skin, you can also use a hard cloth towel for this. (Don’t do it many times in a day, it will torture your lips)

8. Stunning Lips

Stunning Lips

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Lip shades in bright colors like pink and orange draw more attention to your lips and can look tacky. A shiny gloss gives a bold effect so you can use them for dim-light occasions like holidays and night parties. While applying lipstick, you must choose a bit darker shade than the natural color of your lips, this gives a realistic effect to your lip.

9. Luminous is perfect

Luminous is perfect

Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, Everyone has their own natural face shadow. For looking fairer, you should brighten the natural shadow. It is very easy, stand in front of a mirror and smile – you will see the dark areas under your bottom lip or at the corners of your eyes. To cover these areas, just take an eye shadow with a white shade and blend it in with your fingers.

10. Soft touch


Beauty Tips To Have A Complete Makeover, When blending or applying foundation, we usually use makeup brushes. But the skin of your face is delicate, so the perfect tool for applying makeup will be your ring finger. It applies makeup boldly and gives a perfect look, and also saves time.

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