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The 12 Winter 2024 Makeup Trends That increase Beauty Of Your Face+Photos

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends: While fall is very much in full swing with “iced caramel latte” frosted lips and “cinnamon spice girl” glam moments aplenty, winter’s holiday season is quick to follow. And with it? A fresh set of makeup trends that are set to own the coldest season.

From buzzy chromatic manicures to fiery hair colors, it goes without saying that winter is associated with all things red. This winter is no different, with vibrant scarlet lips a major move for the months to come. Some other expert-approved glam looks, however, might just surprise you…

Glam Like its 2016 Again

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, With the rise of the “clean girl” aesthetic in the last few years, makeup associated with 2016-era YouTubers — full-coverage beats, expertly painted brows, and statement lips — took a serious backseat.

Of course, minimal makeup vibes are still a green flag (especially for the skin care obsessed), but in case you missed it, 2016 makeup is officially back.

12 Winter 2024 Makeup Trends

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, Want to get ahead of the trends? Below, find 13 makeup looks that are set to be trending for winter 2024, as shared by Erika La’Pearl, Melissa Murdick, Yanni Peña, and Yasmine Dabgotra.

1. Latte Makeup

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, “Latte makeup” is basically a cheeky way of describing monochromatic brown makeup — and Yanni Peña, a makeup artist whose work can be spotted on high-fashion runways, thinks the total latte obsession will continue through winter 2024: “This is my go-to staple for anyone who is looking for a versatile look that will complement most outfits.”

2. Dew You

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, For those who prefer a summertime glow, don’t put away your tinted moisturizers and liquid highlighters just yet: “In the past, we often saw matte skin take over starting in the fall,” Melissa Murdick, the makeup artist behind many of Selena Gomez’s most-loved looks, tells Bustle. “This year, we are bringing back the hydrated, ‘wow your skin looks so healthy’ vibe. Keeping a dewy finish to the skin really takes away some of the heaviness we come to expect with winter makeup and keeps you looking fresh.”

3. Vampy “Dark Feminine” Makeup

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, Craving a bold pout this winter? “[I’m] obsessed with the vampy lip,” Cardi B’s right-hand makeup artist, Erika La’Pearl, shares with Bustle. “Using a liner to define the lip before the dark hue is simple and elegant.” Just because Halloween is behind us, doesn’t mean the vampy glam is going anywhere, anytime soon…

4. 90s Contoured Lips

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, For quite some time now, all things nostalgic from the 1990s have been very much on-trend. La’Pearl has this to say about her fave lip look of the era: “I love the ‘90s lip look — a clear or neutral gloss with a brown lip liner. Chefs kiss.”

5. 2016 Era Glam Obsession

2016 Era Glam Obsession

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, Yasmine Dabgotra, the founder of TikTok-viral indie brand Scrandie Beauty, chimes in to say: “Notably, prominent YouTubers who rose to fame in 2016 through cut crease tutorials and a preference for a full face are undergoing a beauty evolution. They’re bidding farewell to the clean girl aesthetic and opting to revisit their roots — for more than just a 2016 throwback moment.”

6. The Anti “Clean Girl” Aesthetic

2016 Era Glam Obsession

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, With the clean girl aesthetic taking a bit of a backseat these days, grungy glam is having its main character moment: “Clustered mascara, smudged lipstick, fluffy imperfect brows, unequal wings… ‘Messy girl makeup’ will be prevalent in the early adopter community, [and] will then trickle down to the majority of makeup enthusiasts and fashion lovers,” notes Dabgotra.

7. Neutral Vibes

Neutral Vibes

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, For those who are still in their understated makeup era, Murdick points to neutral eyeshadow colors as an effortless look for the winter 2024 season: “We are seeing tons of matte, neutral shades being applied and layered as washes of color. This is such an easy trend to get behind because it means your makeup is quicker than ever and way more beginner-friendly.

8. Low-Key Eyelashes

Low-Key Eyelashes

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, While 2016-era glam was always topped off with a faux lash, more low-key makeup lovers prefer a more natural look on their eyes: “Lash extensions are very trendy looking, [and] even black mascara is less popular than its more [natural] sister, brown mascara,” says Dabgotra. In other words? “A subtle lash approach” will reign this upcoming season.

9. Pops of Pink

Pops of Pink

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, In the mood for an “I’m cold” flush? La’Pearl formally co-signs the trend: “One of my classic winter favorites is soft pink blush to give that flushed cheek glam.”

10. The Comeback of Color

Comeback of Color

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, In line with the return of 2016 makeup, a newfound love for vibrant eyeshadow pigments is on the rise (with both Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera current fans of bold green hues): “I’ll always be a neutral girl — but maybe we will see more color again,” explains Bybel.

11. Blotted Lips

Blotted Lips

IWinter 2024 Makeup Trends, n lieu of harsh lip lines, blotted lips add some softness to the trending makeup looks this winter: “Although deep lip liners are also having their moment, lips with soft edges and a light, powdery matte finish are on the rise as well,” Murdick explains.

12. Sultry Smoke-Show Eyes

Sultry Smoke-Show Eyes

Winter 2024 Makeup Trends, In recent months, sultry siren eyes have reigned supreme — and it’s only natural that an expertly blended Smokey eye would follow: “My favorite makeup trend for 2023 is the Smokey eye look,” says La’Pearl. “This is the ultimate glam-without trying-trend.

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