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Apply Under Eye Brightener: How To Use Concealer Correctly?

Apply Under Eye Brightener:  One of the attractive and practical cosmetic products is color corrector (concealer), which is often known as an under-eye brightener.

Correct use of this beauty product can make a tired face look fresh, cover skin blemishes and hide dark circles under the eyes.

Apply Under Eye Brightener, Many prominent beauty faces do not even use a lot of cream powder in some cases and use color correcting and brightening products under the eyes to provide their desired freshness and freshness. However, if this attractive product is not used properly, it can make the face look chalky, wrinkles under the eyes, and the quality of the skin look bad.

1. Start With Clean Skin

Apply Under Eye Brightener

Apply Under Eye Brightener, The most important thing for makeup to sleep well on the skin is to use products on clean skin. Wash your face with a mild cleanser, dry it and use serum and moisturizer for your skin. The eye cream can also provide the necessary moisture around the eyes, and thanks to it, the under-eye brightener spreads better and more evenly on the skin.

2. Use Foundation

Apply Under Eye Brightener, To ensure that the makeup lasts throughout the day, you can use a primer before makeup. Make-up base products are designed for all types of dry and oily skin, and it is enough to spread a small amount of the product on the skin of the face and under the eyes with the tips of the fingers.

3. Apply Powder Cream First

Apply Under Eye Brightener

Although the concealer can be applied both before and after the powder cream, some makeup experts believe that it is better to use the colored cream (cream powder or tinted moisturizer) first and then move on to the color corrector.

4. Find The Right Concealer

Although thick products have more coverage and seem more suitable for hiding dark circles under the eyes, they also have the disadvantage that they may collect in the creases under the eyes and make the skin look drier and more wrinkled.

On the contrary, liquid and thin products, although they have a weaker coverage, show a more natural beauty.

5. Find The Right Color Range

Find The Right Color Range

Apply Under Eye Brightener, It can be done in the following way by using color correcting products. For this purpose, it is important to make sure that we are preparing the product for the under-eyes or we intend to cover facial spots in other places.

To cover the darkness under the eyes, it is better to choose a product one or two shades lighter than your cream powder, but to correct skin blemishes, it is better to choose the same color.

Now it’s time to use the highlighter under the eyes.

Apply Under Eye Brightener, The recommendation of Min Min Ma, a makeup artist, is not to overdo the use of concealer under the eyes. Apply the product in layers and spread each layer in the desired area with gentle fingertip strokes.

Apart from under the eyes, this product can also be used around the nose, mouth and chin to cover the uneven parts of the face.

6. Add The Fixing Powder

Apply Under Eye Brightener, In the last step, after using the under-eye brightener, you need a fixing powder (Fix powder) to smooth the makeup, absorb excess moisture from the skin, and make the makeup stay in place for a longer time.

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