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The 7 Best 90s Dresses Ever In Style + Photos

90s Dresses Ever In Style: Fashion is cyclical, but the return to some eras gets us more hyped than others. Y2K fashion, for example, has its hits and misses.

The ’90s, however, is a decade we can mostly get behind, three decades later. ’90s fashion trends, from footwear to accessories, have some serious staying power, popping up again and again on red carpets and street style stars alike.

The 13 ’90s fashion trends ahead aren’t going anywhere—and for good reason. Many of them work seamlessly across aesthetics, so you can invest in a piece you can keep wearing for years to come. In short, ’90s fashion trends just keep getting better with time, so do yourself a favor and indulge in some fashion throwback inspo.

The 7 Best 90s Dresses Ever In Style

1. Overalls

90s Dresses Ever In Style

90s Dresses Ever In Style, Overalls never really left—recent iterations include pastel tweed and slouchy loungewear versions—but the ’90s were all about denim overalls, slightly baggy, and with one shoulder undone. Wear it over a denim shirt for a luxe Canadian Tux moment or a graphic tee for a more casual vibe.

2. Bike Shorts

90s Dresses Ever In Style, In the ’80s, bike shorts were relegated to aerobics videos, but Princess Diana, a global icon for all things, fashion obviously included, changed all that. Diana’s oversized, casual top and bike shorts combo can frequently be seen on celebs like Hailey Bieber. There’s really no wrong way to style bike shorts, but we recommend going with a chunky boot or sandal to create some visual contrast.

3. Baggy Jeans

90s Dresses Ever In Style

90s Dresses Ever In Style, Baggy jeans were brought to us in the ’90s, but the modern-day version is a bit more updated. Wide legs, cargo pants-style pockets, and distressed details are just some of the ways this year’s version of baggy jeans set themselves apart from their vintage forebearers.

4. Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants

90s Dresses Ever In Style, Cargo pants have been making a comeback thanks to dedicated fashion girlies who love an OOTD that doesn’t cut off the circulation to their legs. You can keep things casual with khaki or go for a bolder textile with texture or print. Whatever you choose, just add your favorite crop top and get going.

5. Slip Dresses

90s Dresses Ever In Style, Equal parts sultry and effortless with a dash of rock n’ roll energy thrown in courtesy of Courtney Love’s Hole-era looks, the slip dress iconically celebrated the divine feminine starting in the ’90s. While its modern take is a fave for more minimalist fashionistas, there are plenty of ways to amp up this retro wardrobe staple like adding combat boots, eye-catching accessories, or a hardware-studded leather jacket.

6. Illusion Mesh

Illusion Mesh

90s Dresses Ever In Style, The late Thierry Mugler gave the decade (and the years following) a ton of iconic, timeless looks—there’s even more than one on this list alone—and his brand’s collab with H&M proves that his aesthetic will always be coveted throughout the ages. Illusion mesh, whether worn as a top, a gown, or a full-on catsuit, is known for hugging curves and accentuating the body’s natural shape.

7. Chokers


90s Dresses Ever In Style, It’s great to see the erstwhile It accessory back in full force, especially because one (or more!) of these bad boys is a fast and easy way to add a bit of whimsy to a ‘fit without having to stress over matching metals.

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