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2024 Hair Styles: The 8 Best Hair Styles in 2024 + Photos

2024 Hair Styles: The second month of the year has arrived, and I’m already thinking about which hair trends we’ll look back on at the end of 2024 and note were BIG.

It’ll come as no surprise that last year paved the way for short haircut trends, with many of us (read:

2024 Hair Styles, Pretty much the entire Who What Wear UK team) flocking to the salon to chop our lengths into every iteration of a bob haircut going, from blunt bobs to the Italian bob and inverted bobs. And there’s no doubt about it—a quick scroll of Instagram confirms that short hairstyles are here to stay well into this year. From a color perspective, salons were inundated with requests for red hair, from cowboy copper to cherry cola red, as one of the year’s biggest hair color trends of the year.

So, what hair trends lay in store for 2024? From trending haircuts to the hair colors we’ll see everywhere I asked Jason Crozier, art director at Neville Hair & Beauty, for all the insights on the hair trends we’ll be wearing in 2024.

The Biggest Hair Trends of 2024

1. Barqoue Bob

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Styles, Just when we thought we’d seen all the possible types of bob haircuts, another iteration has entered the chat. The “baroque bob” is set to be a big hair trend in 2024, according to Crozier, which lends itself well to those with natural curls or longer bob haircuts that have grown out.

“Baroque-inspired curls bring an air of opulence, with Versace’s runway as a prominent example,” he says. “In 2024, the trend will evolve with a contemporary twist. Celebrities like Zendaya continue to embrace voluminous curls, but now with a hint of avant-garde geometric shapes, offering a combination of timeless beauty and modern artistry.”

2024 Hair Styles, If you’re not blessed with natural curls, curling wands are your go-to for creating volume and body with your bob.

If you’re already blessed with curls, then this conditioner will provide them with shine and definition.

2. Elevated Updos

2024 Hair Styles, With our love of all things old money showing no signs of slowing in 2024, you can expect to see more classic updo hairstyles dominating in 2024. However, these sculptural styles will have an undone element that makes them all the more wearable. “In 2023, we saw elaborate updos taking center stage on runways, inspired by designers like Valentino,” says Crozier. “Now, in 2024, the trend will evolve with a touch of nature, reflecting a desire for understated elegance and sophistication,” he says. Think updos with tendrils and natural texture shining through.

3. Velvet Hair

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Styles, Healthy, shiny hair resembles luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk, which have a lustrous glimmer and movement. In essence, treating your hair as a luxury fabric can elevate your look, whether it be through good at-home haircare, glossing treatments or in-salon color that leaves a multi-dimensional shine.

2024 Hair Styles, “The appeal of velvety hair with glossy finishes is on the rise, influenced by high-end fashion,” notes Crozier. “In 2024, the trend will evolve to include otherwordly iridescent pigments. Designers like Gucci continue to champion this trend, and [we’re seeing] celebrities embrace the magic of iridescent tresses,” he says.

4. Volume

2024 Hair Styles, Volume is something that a lot of us want to achieve in our hair, and it’s a key characteristic we’ll see in general across 2024’s hair trends. “In 2023, volume was already a key player in high-end fashion.

2024 Hair Styles, In 2024, [we will] embrace the ‘bigger is better’ philosophy,” predicts Crozier. “Designers like Schiaparelli have featured voluminous hair on the runway, with Kendall Jenner showcasing the art of mega volume,” he says. “Achieve [it] by using volumizing products, teasing techniques and high-quality extensions to create dramatic, voluminous hair.”

5. Mini Bob

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Styles, Our current penchant for shorter lengths means many more of us will be getting braver in the salon chair, opting for cuts like the “mini bob”, which can fall anywhere between the cheekbones to the jawline.

2024 Hair Styles, “Enhance precision in short bob cuts by combining soft and bold elements, allowing for versatile styling options,” says Crozier, who recommends experimenting with blunt cuts that can also be softened with waves and curls, or worn super sleek. “Mini bobs can switch between bold and soft looks, highlighting their adaptability for various occasions,” he says.

6. XL Lengths

2024 Hair Styles, Whilst short styles won’t be going anywhere, longer lengths are making a comeback again, with Crozier predicting that extensions will be popular in 2024. “Custom-made extensions are gaining popularity, allowing clients to enjoy perfectly matched hair,” he says. “In 2024, the trend will evolve to embrace individual textures and personalized styling, catering to the desire for a unique, luxurious look.”

2024 Hair Styles, Brands such as Ruka look after textured hair, allowing seamless matches for all curl types, and salons such as Neville Hair & Beauty offer professional bespoke extension services that allow you to experiment with different lengths and colors to update your look. And if you’re looking to grow your hair out long, there have never been more targeted treatments to help encourage healthy hair growth.

7. Hair Bows

Hair Bows

2024 Hair Styles, Everywhere we look right now, hair ribbons and bows are tied into ponytails, secured in buns and adorning hair accessories. And the data backs it up. According to Clearpay, searches for bows, hair ties and hair ribbons are up over 100%.

2024 Hair Styles, Not only do they look chic, but adding these to your hair is the easiest way to elevate your style without having to put a tone of effort in. Opt for plush velvet bows that pin into the hair, or buy a reel of grosgrain ribbon to tie into a ponytail—it couldn’t be easier. Look for luxe textures such as velvet, satin and ribbon for an elegant finish.

8. Bambi Blonde

2024 Hair Styles, Bambi blonde has been taking off, and we can only expect to see more of this warm, buttery and multi-tonal hair color in 2024. Speaking to Who What Wear UK, Zoe Irwin, creative director at John Frieda salons, says: “It’s a layering technique which does away with painstaking highlights in favor of thicker slices of honey, caramel, beige and gold tones that blend seamlessly,” she says.

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