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2024 Hair Trends: The 8 Hair Trends In 2024 That Add To Your Beauty + Photos

2024 Hair Trends: The year might have just gotten started, but we’ve had our eyes on hair trends set to take over 2024 for a while. Throughout the past few months, we’ve spotted some upcoming major looks on runways, social media feeds, and red carpets, giving us little teasers of what’s to come this year.

While the hair trends of this year are certainly bold and unique, there happens to be something for everyone. So whether you’re looking for a brand new haircut, opting to do a different style, or just shopping for some accessories (baby steps), you’re in luck because we’ve rounded up 11 hair trends we’re expecting to see in 2024 with examples and tips so that you can walk into the new year with a new look and feel.

8 Hair Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2024

1. Jellyfish Cut

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Trends, According to Pinterest’s 2024 predictions, jellyfish-inspired styles are set to be one of the year’s major themes. That includes the jellyfish haircut which became a trending search on the social media platform. The jellyfish look features sharp, starkly contrasting layers that are significantly different in length.

2024 Hair Trends, The long layer reaches as low as the waist, while the short layer typically stops at the chin like a bob. To mimic the shape of the marine animal, the ends of the bob are curled inwards, giving it a rounded look like the top of a jellyfish, and the bottom layers are curled outwards to resemble its tentacles.

2. Italian Bob

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Trends, 2024 might be the perfect year to finally do a major haircut because bobs are trending, and the hottest style right now, the Italian bob, is a great option for beginners. The European-inspired look features a chin-length hair subtly contoured to fall around the face. Since the look is a little longer than most bobs and falls in a similar style to longer cuts, it’s a great first step for those who have been considering short hair.

3. Shaggy Pixie

2024 Hair Trends

2024 Hair Trends, If you already love short hair, take it to the next level with a shaggy pixie cut. As opposed to a traditional pixie cut, the layers of this style are a little longer and less uniform so that you have a little more length and volume to work with when you style it. It has a fun, playful vibe that works with many trending aesthetics, so you can still have plenty of possibilities at your fingertips.

4. Step Mullet

Step Mullet

2024 Hair Trends, Step mullets have slowly but surely been gaining popularity over the years. Now, it’s finally time for this style to shine. In contrast to a traditional mullet that gradually gets longer, this modern-day, dynamic style features blunt-cut face-framing layers in the front that starkly contrast longer layers in the back. It gives an edgy, innovative look we’re spotting more and more.

5. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs hair

2024 Hair Trends, A style we’re not leaving in 2023 is curtain bangs. These face-framing layers stop at the cheekbones, giving the face a halo effect. They’re also the perfect addition to blowouts because they emphasize the volume and curls. What’s not to love?

6. Blowouts


2024 Hair Trends, We’re in a new era of blowouts. While we’ve seen these larger-than-life hairstyles in the past, they’re being revamped thanks to new technology that’s making them more convenient than ever. Of course, there are also plenty of traditional and DIY heatless methods, too, if that’s more your vibe. Regardless, the bigger the blowout, the better

7. Soft Waves

Soft Waves hair

2024 Hair Trends, Whether inspired by the mermaidcore aesthetic, coastal cowgirl, or heatless hair routines, soft wavy hair is gaining popularity. You can get the look yourself by using a wave wand, opting for some spray, or taking

8. Super Side Part

Super Side Part hair

2024 Hair Trends, We’ve embraced déjà vu with the Y2K resurgence, and now, the 2010s are too creeping back up. One of the early signs of it is the millennial side part. Throughout 2023, we saw some of the hottest celebrities, like Zendaya and Dua Lipa, embrace the look, so it’s only a matter of time before we see it in our FYP again. This time, expect to lean into it a little more by opting for a more dramatic dip.

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