Peter Crombie Dies At 71, Actor Who Played ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola In ‘Seinfeld

Peter Crombie: Peter Crombie, who played “Crazy” Joe Davola on “Seinfeld,” died on Wednesday from an intestinal illness at the age of 71.

Crombie’s ex-wife, Nadine Kijner, announced the actor’s passing on Instagram, saying, “It is with shock and extreme sadness that I share my Ex-husband died this morning. Thank you for so many wonderful memories and being such a good man. Fly free into the Un-boundless source of light, Peter.”

Peter Crombie, “Peter was first of all a gentle Soul and a true gentleman, very smart and personally like a rock to those who knew him, reliable, dependable and consistent. He was a gifted Yale-trained actor, a prolific writer and a true artist,” Kijner said.

Peter Crombie Dies At 71, Actor Who Played ‘Crazy’ Joe Davola In ‘Seinfeld

Peter Crombie

“When not working as an actor on stage or in front of a camera, he was genuinely humble, preferring others to talk and take main stage. He was always helpful, giving and funny.  He was one the kindest, soft-spoken, loving and caring people I have ever met. A gentle giant.”

Peter Crombie, Crombie appeared periodically in season 4 of “Seinfeld” as Davola, one of the show’s many breakout characters and antagonist to Jerry and Elaine.

Peter Crombie, Davola goes on to briefly date Elaine, before she discovers he has been taking pictures of her and hanging them up in his apartment. In the episode, titled “The Opera,” Davola dresses as a clown to terrorize Jerry and Elaine, who are at the opera “Pagliacci,” alongside Kramer.

Crombie’s final appearance as Davola was in the season 4 finale, “The Pilot,” where he tries to attack Jerry, who he blames for putting the “kibosh” on his deal with NBC.

Peter Crombie, Crombie also appeared in several other shows and movies throughout his career, including “Law & Order” and “Natural Born Killers,” among others.

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