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Men Hair Trends 2024: The 6 Attractive Hair Style For Men in 2024 + Photos

Men Hair Trends 2024: It used to be that men’s haircuts consisted of a few barbershop specials but lately guys have been getting seriously creative with their manes. In fact, there are some men’s hair trends for 2024 that are downright cool and utterly attractive. Why? Because they’re all about embracing your natural texture. Curls, waves, afros — they’re all hotter than ever.

To find out what trends guys should try this season, we chatted with some of the biggest hairstylists and groomers in the game. They told us what their celebrity and influencer clients are asking for and how the everyday guy can get in on the trend. Keep reading for all the inspo you need as the weather gets cooler and you’re ready to try a new look. Don’t worry — some of these are totally doable.

1. Rockstar Vibe

Men Hair Trends 2024

Men Hair Trends 2024, In 2023, guys favored for more structured hairstyles but Taylor Hooker, Marketing Manager and Grooming Expert at Jack Black, sees that changing in 2024. “I think we’re going to see a lot more experimentation with length,” she says. “We’ll continue to see the mullet and euro-mullet dominate, but the length on top may be more emphasized with a 70s/80s rockstar vibe. We’ll also see hair that’s tight on the sides but longer on top and permed.” He even sees a possible return to the man bun.

Tina Sapia, Booksy Ambassador and Owner of Sapia’s Barbershop in Clearwater, FL., agrees that longer hair will reign supreme. “We can anticipate longer looks, namely hairstyles that require an artist’s hand or someone who has experience cutting longer hair and crafting cuts specifically for each customer,” she says. “Gone are the days of the standard shag or ‘wolf cut’ — clients are coming into the shop with an ideal image in mind, and then as experts, we work to create the look that’s best suited for them.”

2. Natural Texture

Men Hair Trends 2024

Men Hair Trends 2024, “We are seeing the evolution of classic hairstyles with a modern twist,” says J-Travis Walters, National Corporate Education Manager for Schwarzkopf Professional. “Haircuts like the quiff and pompadour are still popular but men are focusing more on embracing their natural texture and not looking for the ‘perfect’ style.

This is great because a stylist/barber can work with clients to create the best look for their facial structure and natural hair texture so the style can be recreated at home and not just the day of the haircut. Different lengths will give men more flexibility and believe it or not, the man bun is set to make a comeback as well.” You heard it here first.

3. Buzzcut

Men Hair Trends 2024

“A great way to make your buzz cut modern is by adding some bleach and color. Mix some Matrix Light Master Pre Bonded with 20 vol developer and lift that color. Don’t forget to tone using the Tonal Control line in 9vv for that very cool blonde. Or pop on some color for a unique touch.”

4. Professional Mullets

Men Hair Trends 2024

Men Hair Trends 2024, Mini mullet, long mullet, curly 4C hair or straight — it’s all hot for 2024. “I’ve seen a lot of textured mullets, to textured mohawks, along with textured combovers and fades,” says Jaime Castañeda, Owner of Jaimeecutz Barber Studio in Sola Salons.

“The keyword is TEXTURE! Everyone wants volume and movement looks using matte products and I’m here for it. I feel it brings a newer trendy challenge to a barber’s creativity. It allows us to test our shear work and elevate our already sharp skills. And, adding texture to finer hair types, allows us to explore additional service offerings.”

Men Hair Trends 2024, Reid Ryan, Founder and CEO of men’s grooming brand Hardworking Gentlemen, sees mullets becoming more low key — even good for a professional setting. “We are seeing a lot of mid-length styles with some extra length in the back, not quite a mullet but more professional,” he says. “This look works great with both straight and curly hair, think early 2000s styles with more of a middle part. I like this look as it is both professional and casual, looks very natural and can help cover any hairline concerns.”

5. Bleached Buzz Cut

Bleached Buzz Cut

Men Hair Trends 2024, “It’s our all-time favorite classic and it’s coming back but this time in color. A great way to make your buzz cut modern is by adding some bleach and color,” said Matrix Brand Ambassador Castillo Bataille, whose clients include Yungblud and Meghan Trainor.

He recommends mixing Matrix Light Master Pre-Bonded with 20 volume developer to lift the color and Matrix’s Tonal control line in 9vv for that very cool blonde. “Or pop on some color for a unique touch. I see violets, lavenders, and purples being a hit this fall,” he added.

Men Hair Trends 2024, And when your natural hair color starts growing through the bleach, well, you’re rocking another trend for fall, said James Taylor, International Master Educator for Balmain Hair.

“Stand out from the crowd and elevate the faded look that is dominating men’s hair at the minute with bleach,” he said. “This looks great when it’s first done but will look ultra-hip once growing out, as this will add dimension and contrast as your natural hair comes through.”

6. Tons of Texture

Tons of Texture

Men Hair Trends 2024, “Men are embracing their natural curls and in salons [and even] asking for perming services to create movement in their hair,” Taylor said. “Whether it’s long, short, or medium length, ask for the shape to be cut flatter or square to keep it masculine. Keep the style soft with movement by retailing the length or adding a contrast of textures by carving out the edges.”

Men’s celebrity stylist Melissa DeZarate agrees. Her clients include Christopher Briney and Simu Liu. ” Natural hair textures, soft waviness, tight curls are really being showcased everywhere,” she said. “With all of my curly-haired clients no matter how tight or soft the wave, I always dry wet product into hair with my Dyson Supersonic dryer and the diffuser attachment.”

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