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2024 Valentine Nail Designs: The 14 Best Nail Designs For 2024 Valentine + Photos

2024 Valentine Nail Designs: I only recommend products or services that I believe will add value to my readers. By using these affiliate links, I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you.

These are trend-worthy Valentine’s nail designs and Valentine’s Day nails all girls are raving about this year.

Should you feel concerned with Valentine’s nail designs to try out?

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Absolutely! It doesn’t matter if you’ll be spending your valentines with your partner, or you’re a single pringle.

A beautiful and well-manicured nail is a form of self-love. And what better day to show yourself more love than Valentine’s Day?

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you’ll spend your valentines with your significant other on a date or curled up on the sofa watching your favorite movie. Perhaps you want to spend your time alone reading or doing one of your activities.

Girl, you can up your looks with stunning Valentine’s nail designs and feel powerful and confident when showing your fingers.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, After all, who doesn’t love well-manicured nails with beautiful nail art on them?

Whether you want to radiate love and make the season fun-filled for you with red, pink, or black Valentine’s Day nail designs to match your personality and wardrobe.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, In this blog post, you’ll find a list of gorgeous Valentine’s nail designs, so you can DIY your nails or take any of these designs to your manicurist and get your nails done.

Remember, glamming up your nails, is also an act of self-love, irrespective of your relationship status.

So, without further ado, here is a list of the cutest Valentine’s nail designs for you to try.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Cute Valentine Nail Designs

1. Bleeding Love

2024 Valentine Nail Designs

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, A hint of gothic-chic there (right in time for the Adam’s Family revival) and a sprinkle of soft-girl feminine there.

These V-Day nails are the ultimate ode to pain, power, and passion of love.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Can you tell that I’m head over heels with them? The cute bleeding heart accent nail is just the cherry on top of this captivating Valentine’s manicure.

Recreating this Valentine’s Day nail art is simple and easy. The combination of the break color along with the yellow stripe for the French tips and the bleeding heart make this Valentine’s Day nail design all worth it.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, If you’re not a nail artist by any means just like me, you can use a nail stamp or nail stickers to get your French tips done perfectly.

For the bleeding heart, all you need is red nail polish and a thin brush where you can easily do the heart.

2. Got my checks, Got my mate Nails

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Love can be a game, and these nails know how to play. I adore nail designs that look like they took a long time to complete.

In reality, these are some of the Valentine’s Day nail designs that you won’t have to take to your technician or beautician.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, They’re quick, simple, and oh-so stunning.

3. Patch Hearts

2024 Valentine Nail Designs

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, These Valentine’s nails are ideal for those among you who want to pay homage to Valentine’s Day with a quirky twist this year.

I will admit, I find them to be slightly Halloween-esque with the checked-web base, but that’s just one of the unique features that make this style entirely one of a kind.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Not only this, but the black dots lining the adorable heart nail art make the whole nail design worth recreating for Valentine’s Day.

4. Something ‘Bout You Nails

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day nails you can take everywhere with you this Valentine’s Day, this Valentine’s nail design is my gift to you. It lies conveniently right on the line where understated and overstated meet, making it the “Goldilocks” or just right nails for all occasions on this day of love.

I’ve always been a fan of half-moon French tips nail design and the double white line makes the whole nail design worth it along with the reversed mini hearts.

5. Velvet Hearts

Velvet Hearts

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, If you’re feeling extra soft and light-hearted this Valentine’s Day, these Valentine’s Day nails will help you let the world know.

Velvet is becoming a popular addition to the nail art world, so you can be sure you’ll be right on trend as well.

What I love about these Valentine’s Day nail designs is the fact they aren’t only perfect for Valentine’s Day but you can recreate them for Galantine’s Day and have a matching nail design with your girlfriends.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Get yourself out of the typical red Valentine’s Nail designs with these mini pinkish hearts.

6. Floral Pink Valentine Nails

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Pink and flower power are written all over your nails with this delightful Valentine’s Day-inspired masterpiece.

Dipping into the entire Valentine’s Day palette, the colors are soft, almost pastel, yet eye-catching with their glossy sheen.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, The detail contained within each little flower just fills me with happiness.

If there will be one Valentine’s nail design to recreate if you’re in love with long square nails, don’t hesitate to recreate this Valentine’s Day nails.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, They are super easy to recreate than it would look to you.

7. Galentines Nails

Galentines Nails

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, These 70-s inspired nails are funky-fresh and entirely adorable. While I feel they have a college girl feel to them, I can also picture them in the hands of any fun-loving fashionista who wants her nails to reflect her personal style and personality this year.

Instead of the typical half-moon nail design, upgrade your Valentine’s nail design with the pinkish circled design and a white big heart in the middle.

I just adore the combination of the hot pink color with white that speaks Galentine’s Day out loud.

8. Pink Valentine

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Classy, refined, and elegant are just some of the ways I’d described these cute Valentine’s nails.

They’re a touch on the minimalist side, but a striking contrast nail and adorable tiny heart nail art take things up a notch to make this work of art one of my laid-back favorites on the list.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, I don’t know about you if as a minimalist and someone who loves simple yet attractive nail designs, I can’t find better Valentine’s Day nail Ideas than these cute nails.

I love the combination of the soft pink gel and the hot pink color along with the mini reversed hearts.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, The easiest way to recreate the mini hearts is by using a thin nail brush and your favorite hot pink nail color. I’ve personally tried creating them using a gel liner but it didn’t give me the same clear and in-point result as when I used a brush.

9. Orange Valentine

Orange Valentine

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, For when you’ve had your fill of reds and pinks, why not spice up your nail love life with a hint of zesty orange?

It’s not a color combination we see often, but it works amazingly as it’s classy and attractive. It’s a little quirky and a lot gorgeous.

If you want to break the casual Valentine’s Day nail designs and get all the eyes on you.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, These Orangy, pink swirls with the open heart won’t only make you special but will make everyone want to recreate them even if Valentine’s Day is over.

The secret of recreating this Valentine’s nails is choosing the perfect nail color shades.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, The combination of the lights’ warm colors is beyond perfection, especially the orange color.

10. Pink Butterflies

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, These nails are just darling. Three nails of warm glossy pinks are a match made in heaven with two endearingly adorable butterfly-filled nails.

I’d recommend this Valentine’s nail design to anyone who’s still in the honeymoon phase and feeling those fluttery butterflies somewhere other than their nails right now.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Also, they are perfect for a Galentine’s Day party where you can with your besties have the same nail design symbolled with the butterflies.

Recreating this nail design is super easy if you’re used to using acrylics. If not, all you need for the unpainted nails is a soft pink gel polish.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, For the hot pink color, For the butterflies, I recommend these high-quality butterflies nail stickers to use along with a top coat at the end to make your nail design last longer.

11. Red Valentine

Red Valentine nails

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Glamor and occasion to mind when I see this hand of lovely Valentine’s nail designs. They’re a little bit on the opulent and extravagant side with charming overtones, making these the ideal Valentine’s nails for the gal who’s ready to paint the town red this Valentine’s day.

We all love to upgrade our look and style, and it’s quite the same when it comes to your nail designs, especially for this special and romantic occasion.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Break the habit of the typical simple red Valentine’s Day nails with this glamor and expensive nail design.

The glittery little hearts and the double French tip lines make this nail design worth recreating.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, The secret to having this Valentine’s nails done perfectly is to choose the perfect red nail color. O.P.I Big Apple Red is the perfect color for this nail design combined with a silver glittery gel liner.

12. You Have My Heart

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, Short, sweet, and to the point are all my characteristics when I choose a nail design to recreate for myself.

I’m obsessed with short nails and short nail designs and it’s so rare for me to decide going for longer nails unless I want to do Almond nails.

These Valentine’s Day nails are a timeless classic.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, I’ve always loved red French tips as a unique twist on the traditional style, but the accent nail enhances the look even further for a look I’m definitely going to try myself this year.

I’ve recently created a similar nail design and if you want to have the perfect finish for Valentine’s nail design, I recommend getting a light soft pink gel if you want to use a light red color.

13. Truly Valentine Nails

Truly Valentine Nails

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, If someone painted Valentine’s Day across nails, I fully believe this is what they’d look like. Light pink and rich red stand in their own right before meeting to form adorable heart designs.

I truly can’t describe these Valentine’s nails better and the Almond nail shape makes us all in love with these nails.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, If you’re wondering what color combination are these, It’s the Beetles Summer Soak Off and AIMEILI 121 Pink color.

For the mini hearts, I recommend using a thin nail art brush to have clean, perfect hearts without messing with your whole nail art.

14. Blue Valentine

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, It’s true. Not every Valentine’s nail design has to include reds and pinks; they can also feature ultra-chic, cool, and unique blue against an icy background for an almost futuristic appeal.

Get creative with where you place your little blue hearts and make this look your own.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, If you’re the type that loves simple nail design and you always go for milky nails (just like me), upgrade your nail design for Valentine’s Day with the little blue heart touch.

The blue Royal nail polish and the milky gel polish aren’t the perfect polishes to recreate this blue Valentine’s nail design.

2024 Valentine Nail Designs, But, they will give you the best result ever as the formula is amazing and the gel polishes aren’t so thick that it’s so hard to move or use.

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