Most Weird Places Around The World: 10 Most Weird And Strange Places Around The World

Most Weird Places Around The World: Earth is a beautiful and surreal place, which is dotted with awe-inspiring places along with some of the weird as well as unusual spots. There is no dearth of weird places in the world that are fascinating as well as bizarre. The mysteries related to some places have logical explanations for their weirdness while others remain stubbornly unsolved.

There are several mysterious places around the planet, which prove that weird can also be spellbinding. They may not be conventional spots to visit, but traveling to these places can result in some of the most fun memories of the lifetime.

So, we have carefully crafted a list of weird places in the world to visit in 2021, which are worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. They can leave you captivated, puzzled, and surprised at all the same time.

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1. The Catacombs, France


Most Weird Places Around The World

Most Weird Places Around The World, Paris is renowned for its iconic architecture, artistic treasure, colorful street markets, and classical bistros. However, there is one thing, which is among the weirdest places across the world that you should visit in 2021 – ‘The Catacombs’. Beneath the streets of Paris, there are tunnels, which are lined with bones and skulls.

Empire of Death, just under the ‘City of Lights’!


By the 17th century, the cemeteries of Paris were overstuffed with graves to the point when corpses could not be contained inside. People living near the cemeteries complained about the foul smell of decomposing flesh. This public health problem led to a decision to transfer the bones from the cemeteries to an underground site, which were once the quarries.

Most Weird Places Around The World, It took 12 years to move the bones of the corpses! 6 to 7 million corpses were moved in the centuries-old tunnels and were artfully arranged. Some of the oldest date back to the Merovingian era, more than 1,200 years ago. There are some of the popular characters from history who call the catacombs their resting place.

Most Weird Places Around The World, A little more than a mile of catacombs are open for tourists to explore. Tunnels extend many more miles, but it is illegal to trespass.

Location: 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris, France

2. Fly Geyser, USA

Most Weird Places Around The World

Nevada is home to endorheic valleys, mountain ranges as high as 13,000 feet, and lush forests. This is the most mountainous state in the United States, which also has snow-capped mountains. In the most amazing part, this place also has to juxtapose arid plains and a mild desert.

There is one more thing, which makes Nevada one of the most incredible places in the world and that is – Fly Geyser. Sometimes, man-made accidents provide unbelievable outcomes and this is one such example.

Result of Human Error and Natures’ Miracle!

Most Weird Places Around The World, On the private island in Nevada, there is one of the strangest places on Earth, which is a consequence of human blunder and nature’s wonder – Fly Geyser.

Situated on the edge of the Black Rock Desert, Fly Geyser is almost  100 years old.  Back then, locals tried to find water for irrigation. A well was drilled in the desert and a geothermal boiling water point was hit (200 degrees). They abandoned the place as the water was too hot to use. It resulted in a 10 to 12-foot calcium carbonate deposit.

The first geyser was formed in 1916. Similarly, the other geyser was created accidentally in 1964 when a geothermal power company drilled another well, around 100 feet away from the first geyser. The well was either left uncapped or improperly capped. Boiling water shot from the well and calcium carbonate deposits began to form. Those deposits resulted in the three large mounds. These sediments are now 6-feet tall and multicolored. The geyser trio still spews scalding water for about 4 or 5 feet in the air.

Most Weird Places Around The World, The coloring on the outside of the mound is the result of thermophilic algae, which flourish in a moist and hot environment. The mound also contains quartz. Typically, geysers don’t get quartz in them before 10,000 years but Fly Geyser has it, even though it is just 100 years old!

Location: County Rd 34, Gerlach, Nevada, United States

3. The Giant’s Causeway, North Ireland

Most Weird Places Around The World

Northern Ireland is a part of Great Britain and has a rich legacy. Boasting about world-class restaurants, remarkable history and culture, and live music scenes; Northern Ireland has some breathtaking natural attractions. Besides them, the country also comprises an amazing and equally weird attraction – The Giant’s Causeway.

60 Million Year Old Science Story!

Most Weird Places Around The World, The Giant’s Causeway lies on the foot of the basalt cliff at the Antrim Plateau edge in Northern Island. It features almost 40,000 hexagonal stepping stones. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was formed almost 60-million years ago by a volcanic eruption. These massive basalt block columns stick out of the sea.

Different periods of volcanic crushing, burning, and cooling created the Lower, Middle, and Upper Basalt. The Middle Basalt Rock forms the famous amphitheaters of columns shaped like hexagons.

As per the legends, the landscape is carved out by the mighty Irish giant – Finn McCool who fought with the Scottish big man – Benandonner. Finn built the path with stepping stones to reach Scotland, which was ripped by Benandonner and the result was the Giant’s Causeway.

Most Weird Places Around The World, Its beauty is mind-boggling and it changes the light from sharp greens to greys to warm tobacco brown. The puzzling geology of this place makes it one of the most remarkable natural and weird sites in Europe.

Location: Bushmills BT57 8SU, United Kingdom

4. Thor’s Well, USA

Most Weird Places Around The World

Located on the Pacific Northwest region of the West Coast of the United States, Oregon is dotted with beautiful beaches, glistening cascades, marble caves, and scenic coastal landscapes. It is also home to a strange yet intriguing site – a sinking hole in the Pacific and there are many theories to justify this natural occurrence.

The Mysterious Hole on the Oregon Coast!

On the Oregon Coast edge, a huge gaping sinkhole exists that never fills up even though it is situated in the middle of the sea. Also known as ‘drainpipe of the Pacific’ and ‘the gate to the hell’, Thor’s Well is a bowl-shaped hole made of rough basalt shoreline.

This hole appears to drain water from the ocean and during the high tide, no one dares to get any closer to the well. The 20 feet deep hole has been formed due to waves crashing across the same region for years, leading to erosion.

What makes Thor’s Well a weird place is the fact that during high tide, the waves roll underneath the hole and fill it from below. The water then comes up in violent sprays. However, after some time, the water starts moving inside. And the same process continues repeatedly.

Most Weird Places Around The World, It has gained popularity among adventure photographers. It is best to visit one hour before the high tide to witness the amazing phenomenon of filling up and emptying the well from a safe distance.

Location: Yachats, Oregon, United States

5. The Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean

Most Weird Places Around The World

Most Weird Places Around The World, Renowned as ‘Devil’s Triangle’, Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. A part of one of the busiest shipping routes in the world – the Bermuda Triangle is among the weird and strange places in the world due to some unresolved mysteries.

The Region of Unresolved Mysteries!

Innumerable ships, airplanes, and people have disappeared here without any explanation. Covering an area of 440,000 miles in the sea, the Bermuda Triangle has myriad fanciful theories and is reputed as a mysterious place.

According to some theories, some unusual local magnetic anomalies existed in the area. This theory claims an extremely high pull of the earth’s natural magnet, which redirects the compass. The role of paranormal activities and the presence of aliens have also been strongly suggested by some.

According to another explanation, some of the disappearances have focused on the presence of large fields of methane hydrates on the continental shelves.

Most Weird Places Around The World, Some experts believe, if that gas were released into the water, ships can sink,  and even planes can crash. And that too in seconds!

Location: Triangle between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Pamukkale, Turkey

Most Weird Places Around The World

Turkey is blessed with rich culture and heritage. It is popular for its ancient monuments, glorious landscapes, mighty mountains, and natural scenery. Besides all this, there is one more place here, which is weird as well as beautiful – Pamukkale.

The Cotton Castles!

Most Weird Places Around The World, Gleaming white calcite travertine overrunning with warm and mineral-rich water makes Pamukkale famous as well as weird. These surreal and limpid pools hang like cascades of a mighty waterfall.

Pamukkale literally means ‘Cotton Castle’ in Turkish. These dramatic travertine terraces are built over millennia from limestone, deposited by abundant hot springs. Tourists can even bathe in the picturesque warm water pools (around 36 degrees Celsius). Pamukkale is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The water supersaturated with calcium carbonate reaches the surface and carbon dioxide de-gasses from it. Calcium carbonate is deposited by the water as a soft gel, which eventually crystallizes into travertine.

Location: Denizli, Turkey

7. Lake Natron, Tanzania

Most Weird Places Around The World

Most Weird Places Around The World, Tanzania is home to the scenic beauty. It also houses one of the most inhospitable places for the majority of flora and fauna. Situated in the Arusha region of Tanzania, that place is known as Lake Natron.

One of The Most Caustic Lakes in The World!

Lake Natron is a salt lake and extremely alkaline due to the presence of a high amount of chemical natron (a mix of calcium carbonate and baking soda) in water. The pH level of water is measured as high as 12 and the scorching temperature reaches up to 60 degrees Celsius.

The lake is red in color due to the presence of halophiles – alkaline water microorganisms that produce red pigment. The lake is fed by small rivers and hot springs.

Most Weird Places Around The World, Inhospitable to most of the species, the lake supports an ecosystem of salt-marshes, flamingos, and wetland birds.

Location: Northern Tanzania

8. Giant Crystal Cave, Mexico

Most Weird Places Around The World

Renowned for its palm-fringed beaches, wildlife-rich lagoons, lush green forests, chili-spiced cuisines, and snow-capped volcanoes; Mexico is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts. Along with other beautiful places, there is a weird place in Mexico, which has become a landmark for the city of Chihuahua – The Giant Crystal Cave.

The Cave of Crystals!

Most Weird Places Around The World, Situated 300 m beneath the Sierra de Naica Mountains, Crystal Cave has formed almost 26 million years ago. The cave is roughly 30 m long and 10 m wide and was filled with groundwater for tens of thousands of years. This water contains the mineral anhydrite. The magma beneath keeps the water hot.

Eventually, the temperature of water-dipped, which resulted in breaking down anhydrates and the water became rich in calcium and sulfate.

The white-tinted selenite crystals took over the cave around 500,000 to 900,000 years ago.

Location: Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico

9. Eternal Flame Falls, USA

Most Weird Places Around The World

New York is a dream destination for those who cherish the great outdoors. It is home to natural wonders and hidden gems. Among them, there is one place that is beautiful as well as weird – Eternal Flame Falls.

The Mysterious Flame Beneath the Waterfall!

A flame continues to light in a small cave at the waterfall base in the Shale Creek Reserve.  As the flame never goes off, it is known as Eternal Flame Falls.

Most Weird Places Around The World, To occur this phenomenon, the temperature of the rock must be around 100 degrees Celsius, so that the carbon molecules break down and give off natural gas and result in a burning flame.

Natural eternal flames occur when gas seeps through the soil and bacteria eat the methane, then the gas gets converted into carbon dioxide. However, at Eternal Flame Falls, the gas is not converted into carbon dioxide, it is contained and leads to an eternal flame.

Location: Chestnut Ridge Park, Erie County, New York, USA

10. Magnetic Hill, India

Most Weird Places Around The World

Ladakh is a Trans Himalayan region, renowned for breathtaking landscapes. It is a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. Along with the wonderful scenic vistas, there is a place in the region that is weird as well as mysterious, namely, Magnetic Hill.

A Place That Defies Gravity!

Located at a distance of 30 km from Leh on the Leh-Kargil Highway, there is a small stretch of road, which defies gravity. Magnetic Hill pulls stationary vehicles upwards. There are many theories and beliefs backed by strong reasoning. As per the villagers, a road once existed that led people to heaven.

Most Weird Places Around The World, As per the scientists, there is a strong magnetic force emanating from the hill that pulls vehicles in the range. Another widely accepted theory states that it is just an optical illusion, which makes the road downslope look like an upslope. Basically, when it seems like the vehicle is going uphill, it is actually going downhill.

Location: Leh-Kargil National Highway, Leh, India

In a nutshell, these weird places are fascinating and baffling at the same time. Having a scientific reason or not, these places send an invite to those bitten by wanderlust for sure. Do you want to add these to your bucket list?

Do you know some more weird destinations? If you plan a tour to a destination like these, do not forget to add these places to your itinerary. Visiting any of these places will enrich your travel spree. And if you visit any of them, share your experience with us!

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