8 Awesome Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping: Here are 8 awesome signs for you to look out for and help you see that your friend is indeed worth keeping.

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1. He speaks highly of you to others.

An awesome friend is someone who’s not shy to tell his other friends about you and even speak of you in high regard. This means that he enjoys your company and he respects you as an individual as well. He never talks bad about you because he values friendship and he is not that person.

2. He/She listens to you and understands.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping, He/She’s a keeper if he knows how to listen and to understand. It’s not enough that he lends her ear, but she gives out her thoughts or opinions as well. he’s not being pushy by doing this, but she cares about you and she knows that you value her enough to hear what she has to say.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping

3. He gets your entire inside jokes.

The moment you look at each other to share an inside joke is the moment that you know this person is going to be your friend for a very long time. Humor is the number one building block in every friendship and without this, the relationship can’t go on. If you’re comfortable enough to share many personal and inside jokes with your friend, then he’s surely worth having around.

4. He respects your personal space.

As a true friend, he doesn’t have the need to hang with you all the time; instead, he highly values and gives you your personal space. You may not talk to each other for weeks and it won’t matter to him because the next time you see each other, it’s as if you’ve only hung out yesterday. People like these are those whom you don’t have to impress to keep around.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping

5. He/She defends you against fake people.

You should always keep a friend whom you know defends you in your absence. Just because you’re not there, doesn’t mean she stops being your friend. When she hangs out with a group of people and someone talks poorly about you, she’s there ready to defend and then quickly tells you about it afterward – that’s loyalty right there.

6. He is there when you need him.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping, Got a flat tire? Short on your grocery bills this month? Need a lift to a nearby town? Don’t worry because he’s there to lend you a hand. Friends worth keeping are those who know how to help their friends in times of need and who would never hesitate to go the extra mile to lend a hand.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping

7. He/She tells you the truth.

It’s easy to mistake honesty with rudeness because a friend can be honest but at the same time rude and can make you feel let down. Never allow yourself to feel put down by another person who masks this as just “being honest” because that’s not what a true friend would do. A friend worth keeping is someone who will keep it real, tell you as it is, but at the same time not make the effort to offend you.

8. He/She has your back no matter what.

Signs Your Friend is Worth Keeping, The last sign to look for in a worthy friend is someone who has your back in every situation no matter what. Whether there’s a group of people ganging up on you, your boyfriend left you for another girl, or you’re feeling awful, she will be there with a tissue and some jokes. She is your reliable friend, you know you can depend on her, and you will

When we’re lucky enough, we find people who are amazing and who are worth keeping in our lives. But in times when are not that lucky, we may find ourselves deceived, hurt, and in pain from others. The important thing to remember here is how we pick up ourselves every time and move on.

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