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6 Important Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry

Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry: Almost every girl has dreamt of marrying the perfect guy and live happily ever with him. But not all girls make this dream come true; worse, they even fall in love with frogs disguised as a prince and not the other way around.

Indeed, you are never sure about the guy you are going to be married to, but there are ways in which you can mitigate this risk. You also have to learn how to differentiate the concept of romance from that of actually settling down because life is not all about chocolates and roses. By planning ahead and determining your concept of a man to marry, you are able to pick better choices not just of a boyfriend or husband, but a partner for keeps.

To help you out, here are 6 qualities of a good man to settle down with:

1. He has more than just a pleasing personality.

This goes beyond the good looks and handsome genes. Indeed, it’s a bonus when your ideal guy has the charm, but you need to look through the smokescreen and learn more about what’s inside. You may want to marry a guy who knows how to respect you as a woman and as a person, a guy who is thoughtful and kind, and as well as a fear of God.

Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry, Finding these qualities in a man takes time, as during the first few dates for sure he will be putting his best foot forward just to impress you. His true traits likewise resonate once you two are more comfortable with each other, and when you realize that he is lacking in this department, you may want to start thinking twice if he is indeed the one.

Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry

2. He has established his own disposition.

One of the fundamental traits of a guy who seems to be ideal to marry is independence. You may want to check out a guy who is independent, both financially and emotionally. By having an established disposition, it shows that he can be relied on and that he knows how to take care of his responsibilities. If and when you two decide to get married, you are assured that can take care of you as well.

Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry, This doesn’t mean that guys who still live with their parents and are enjoying hopping from one job to another are not suitable for marriage; you may just want to be careful in taking chances because settling down is not something you can do on a whim. You both have to be prepared for a life together, and doing that starts way before even you two get into a relationship.

3. He knows how to make you smile, and keep you secure.

A lot of girls find funny guys attractive. But while it’s a big plus that he knows how to make you smile and laugh, it also pays a lot when the guy knows how to keep you secure. This means that he wouldn’t do anything that would trigger your confidence, or make you paranoid about certain issues and concerns.

Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry, This is important because when he knows how to keep you secure, it allows both of you to build mutual trust in an easier manner. Establishing transparency and accountability in the relationship isn’t difficult, because you know how he cares for you and vice versa.

4. He thinks about your future, not just your future together.

Another quality of a guy to marry is when he thinks about your future. This not only pertains to your future life together but rather he cares about your future as an individual. He knows how to support you in your aspirations and he wouldn’t stand in your way in achieving those just because these do not do him any favors.

In essence, he should allow you to grow. He should acknowledge that you are your own individual and that you are not required to change just to accommodate the relationship you two share.

Qualities Of A Good Man To Marry

5. He cares about your family.

When you happen to be in a relationship that’s already getting more serious, one of your medium-term goals is to know each other’s families. If he is serious about you, he would introduce you to his family and encourage them to build a relationship with you, and vice versa. This is because he is already grooming them to accept you as part of the family.

At the same time, your guy should also care about your family. He would not just take the effort in getting to know them but is also encouraging you to further improve your relationship with them. This is because he believes that the family is the unit of society, and building a bond with them is fundamental once you two start a life together and build a family of your own.

6. He values your happiness and your individuality.

Perhaps this is the most difficult quality to look for in a guy to marry. This is because while most guys love their girlfriends, not all of them would think about the latter’s happiness especially when this gets in the way of settling down.

He should be willing to give and support your happiness, let you celebrate your individuality, even when the se mean that he has to step back a bit. He wouldn’t be afraid to set you free because he believes that the love you share is stronger and will be the instrument to keep you two together.

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