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10 Signs of Romantic Attraction: How do you know if you are romantically attracted?

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction: People fall for people for a zillion reasons. There is no one interpretation when it comes to love or romantic attraction. This feeling can be interpreted in several ways.

As a human being, your feelings for one person can differ from the way you feel for another person. It’s not romantic attraction every single time but rest assured, your feeling is real and raw. Do not doubt your feelings just because it is not uniform all the time.

You are not always romantically attracted towards somebody. Romantic attraction is a feeling which you do feel but rarely and not as often as anything and everything.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, It should not sound strange to you because there are attractions that stand contrary to romantic attraction. If you try and go beyond the basics, you will get to discover types of romantic attraction.

How is romantic attraction defined?

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, How do we define romantic attraction? You will know if you have a romantic connection or feelings with someone when you look at this person, and your heart beats faster.

It’s because the feeling that you have is emotional rather than physical attraction. When you’re with this person, you feel safe; you adore them, and you want to talk and spend time together.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, The more you get to know this person, the stronger your feelings get. If they reciprocate your feelings, this is where a relationship would blossom.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction

10 signs of romantic attraction

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, Romance is a complex subject, and it involves a bunch of attributes. So, what does romantic attraction feel like? It can make you feel like you have just grown a new pair of wings and you can fly as high as you want.

So, what does romantic attraction feel like? Here are a few significant and non-ignorable signs of romantic attraction.

1. Blushing

Romantic attraction is basically a strong feeling that develops from within and finds its roots in your soul. If we talk about romantic vs sexual attraction, both are poles apart as sexual attraction is not necessarily connected to your soul and inner stuff.

When you smile and blush subsequent to a thought of your lover, it is romantic attraction that causes it.

If somebody is saying the name of your special someone, it makes you shy, then you are romantically attracted towards that special somebody. If your cheeks turn pink, your eyes narrowed, and lips split up; it indicates romantic attraction.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction

2. Staring at the floor or the roof

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, When people are romantically attracted towards someone, they tend to avoid the eye contact out of shyness.

Some people assume that they will be lost in their lover’s eyes; that’s why they hesitate to make direct eye contact.

Or else, they fear that they might be unable to hide their feelings if they look into their crush’s eyes and out of this fear, they try their best to give a wide berth to eye contact.

3. Placing a hand above yours

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, To take the other person into confidence, some people place their hand on top of that person’s hand. This gesture is so common while both are exchanging words, and also one of the signs of romantic attraction.

It also instills trust and faith between the two people. If you extend this gesture to somebody, you could be struck with romantic attraction.

4. Kiss on the forehead

A kiss on the forehead is a benign sign ascertaining love, adulation and romantic attraction. If we talk about romantic attraction vs physical attraction, both are not the same.

When you feel physical attraction, you would want to kiss them everywhere, but when you are romantically attracted, you will bestow them with a kiss on the forehead more often.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction

5. Deep and long gazes

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, Looking into his eyes would seem a never-ending journey, and you would never look for destiny, you would love it without expecting an end.

When you feel that you’re lost in this person’s gaze, you’re being drawn and your heart flutters. Then, it’s an attraction sign you might want to consider.

6. When hours feel like seconds

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, When you are at work, or when you are doing chores, seconds would feel like days, isn’t it? On the contrary, when you are spending time with your beloved, you would get hours spent like seconds.

One main difference between romantic and sexual attraction is, you would never be bound by time when romantically enticed.

7. You value their opinions and beliefs

Some people dismiss their partner’s opinion and it’s more common than you think. These people don’t listen or have no interest in their partner’s beliefs and opinions.

So, if you feel like you are open and even excited to talk about their beliefs and opinions, then it’s one of the signs of attraction to look for.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, It’s romantic when you value that special person’s opinion, and it’s also a sign of respect. By listening to their opinion, you’re showing that you care and value them, not just as a partner, but as a person.

Taking each piece of information by heart is among the subtle signs of attraction.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, Suddenly, you find yourself listening about another person’s point of view, and you’re happy about it too. If that’s not a romantic attraction, we don’t know what is.

8. You yearn to be close in a non-sexual way

“How do I know if I like someone romantically? Maybe we’re just really close friends”

One of the signs of romantic feelings is when you want to be close to a person in a non-sexual way. Of course, you still want to be sexually intimate with them, but it’s more than that.

It’s when you can lie down with them and talk about life, goals, and even your future together. You can go out the whole day and enjoy yourselves without having sexual thoughts.

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, You look at this person and just want to hold hands and smile, and you know, in your heart, that you’re complete, happy, and contented.

That’s how you know you are feeling romantic attraction, and it’s one of the most beautiful emotions and contentment that you would feel.


10 Signs of Romantic Attraction

9. You’re attracted to their personality

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, Our brains are programmed to fall in love. That is the psychology of romantic attraction.

You could differentiate romantic from sexual attraction when you are attracted to someone because of how their mind works.

It’s one of the signs of romantic attraction from men who believe they have found the one.

For some, attraction means physical beauty, but when you are romantically attracted to someone, it goes beyond beauty. It’s about deep conversations and emotional connection.

10. You feel complete

10 Signs of Romantic Attraction, The people that we choose to keep close to us help improve our life. However, when you’ve seen the signs of romantic interest from a man or a woman, you’ll know that life could be better.

“How do you know if you love someone romantically, and if it’s real?”

When you’re romantically attracted to someone, suddenly, you feel complete. You feel happiness, contentment, and security in a whole new lever. That’s how you know that you are romantically connected to someone.

No wonder other people refer to their romantic partners as ‘soulmates’ because it exactly feels like that.

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