How To Be A Good Kisser: 15 Best Tips To Help You Be One

Why Do Humans Kiss?

 Kissing is the most intimate act that humans indulge in to express their love and closeness toward a person. But how do you kiss? There are different types of kisses to express different feelings, so how you kiss can convey your feelings to the other person. While a kiss on the hand and cheek can be a way to greet each other, a forehead kiss means care, and a kiss on the lips is usually reserved for your partner.

Scientifically speaking, lip contact during kissing releases oxytocin, facilitating bonding and emotional connection, and alleviating stress. Also, men and women may have distinct interpretations of what it means to kiss someone on the lips.

A study showed that women may use kissing to evaluate potential partners and form bonds, while men may use it to achieve their sexual purpose. It further states that this variance in meaning corresponds to the differences in their thought processes and biological profile. However, it is also important to note that neither gender believes it’s a good idea for someone’s ability to kiss to serve as the foundation for the start of a relationship. 

How To Be A Good Kisser

Why Is Kissing Important In A Relationship?

While a couple can go for a long time in a relationship without having sex, kissing is key to keeping the spark alive in the relationship. It is one of the ways to share your love with your special one and express affection for one another. It also allows you to have a deeper understanding of each other and establish intimacy in a relationship. A study also showed improvements in perceived stress, relationship satisfaction, and total serum cholesterol in couples who kiss more frequently.

A passionate kiss or kiss on the lips, however, may not be a way to convey love in all traditions and may vary from one culture and country to another. A meta-analysis found that tribal people are about three times more likely to never kiss on the lips than couples in economically sophisticated and socially stratified cultures.

15 Tips To Be A Good Kisser

If you want to take your relationship to the next step, keeping these pointers in mind could help.

1. Be attentive

How To Be A Good Kisser, Being a good kisser requires you to be attentive to your partner’s actions and movements and act accordingly.

2. Maintain oral hygiene

A bad breath and odor can be a turn-off for many, especially if you are kissing for the first time. So make sure to carry a mouth freshener and practice oral hygiene. Also, avoid kissing after eating foods with a strong smell.

How To Be A Good Kisser, Research finds Women care more about the smell of breath than men, and men prefer wetter kisses more than women.

How To Be A Good Kisser

3. Keep it slow

When you kiss, it’s good to start slowly and increase the intensity of it gently while keeping your partner’s comfort in mind.

4. Pay attention to your lips

How To Be A Good Kisser, While it may not sound so important, soft and moisturized lips are more kissable and provide more satisfaction. Males can be advised to have clean or properly trimmed beards, especially for the first kiss.

5. Be confident

Just like having a conversation, kissing someone warrants you to be confident and relaxed. But at the same time, you must also be respectful of your special one’s boundaries.

6. Stay relaxed

How To Be A Good Kisser, Do not get nervous when you kiss. Stay calm and relaxed, or it might make the kiss awkward.

7. Communicate

Whether you want to know how to kiss a guy or girl, irrespective of gender, paying attention to your partner’s preferences and asking about their likes and dislikes is very crucial. This can help you become a good kisser for them and also will make your partner more comfortable.

8. Add elements

How To Be A Good Kisser, When kissing your partner, try adding different elements, like rubbing the hair, caressing, gentle touches, stroking cheeks, and interlocking fingers. However, whatever elements you add, your partner’s comfort should be paramount.

How To Be A Good Kisser

9. Experiment with techniques

There are different kissing styles you may try with your partner, and mixing it all up can make the experience more exciting and satisfying.

10. Be romantic

Don’t kiss your partner because you have to. But turn it into a romantic and passionate experience. You may also try setting a romantic atmosphere by using dim lights, candles, and music.

11. Take a breath

It is good to have a long and passionate kiss; however, take the hints and cues that suggest your partner needs a break to catch their breath.

12. Close your eyes

How To Be A Good Kisser, While you may unknowingly close your eyes when kissing, if not, try closing your eyes. This will help you be more attentive toward your partner’s breath, the feeling of their presence, their heartbeat, and even their smell.

When we close our eyes, our other senses, like touch, are heightened . Therefore, shutting your eyes when kissing can make the moment more gratifying.
How To Be A Good Kisser

13. Keep your head clear

When you’re kissing your partner, it’s very important to keep your head clear of anything. If you’re too absorbed in overthinking, like what your partner must be thinking, how to kiss better, or comparing the kiss with previous ones, you will not be able to enjoy the moment. This will ultimately lead your partner to feel awkward or dissatisfied.

14. Explore

How To Be A Good Kisser, If you’re in a long-term relationship, you may try exploring other sensual areas to kiss your partner and kiss them with your whole body, like pulling them close and wrapping your arms around them. Also, follow your partner’s lead and read through their body language.

15. Enjoy and have fun

How To Be A Good Kisser, Remember that kissing is an act to revel in, so make the most of it by enjoying and having fun during this intimate experience.

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