Stars News: The 6 Famous People Who Broke Up With Their Family Members

Stars News: In the world of stars, perhaps the bitterest family feud was the event of Charlize Theron’s house!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s children, whose parents are still embroiled in legal cases after their separation, are dropping one paternal surname after another, reminding us that family hugs may not always be warm and family relationships are often much more complicated than they seem.

Stars News, From abuse and harassment to rejection and abandonment, there are many reasons why issues remain unresolved between people and their family members, and may even end up at the cost of disconnection. Research shows that almost one in five families in the UK will be affected by a loss of contact with family members during their lifetime, which equates to around 12 million people a year.

1. Charlize Theron, Stars News

Stars News

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Charlize grew up on her parents’ farm in Benoni, near Johannesburg, South Africa. Theron’s father, who was an alcoholic, threatened Charlize and her mother in a drunken state on June 21, 1991, and wanted to shoot both of them with a gun, but Theron’s mother intervened and shot and killed Charlize’s father with her gun. The killing was legally considered self-defense, and Charlize’s mother was not charged.

Another shocking story was related to the case of Britney Spears, who lost control of her property and personal life for more than a decade after a mental breakdown, and after years of litigation, she was able to take away her father’s guardianship.

If you are currently estranged from a family member or trying to maintain a healthy relationship with them, you may feel lonely at times. In this case, it can be helpful to read other people’s experiences. Women‘s health magazine has introduced some of these people.

2. Meghan Markle, Stars News

Meghan Markle’s relationship with her father Thomas Markle is well documented. Meghan’s father is said to have had an affair with her for several years prior to her wedding to Prince Harry. Things got even worse when, after Meghan’s marriage, her father spoke about her to the press without permission.

3. Jennifer Aniston, Stars News

John Aniston, Jennifer Aniston’s father and long-time famous actress, left his family in 1979, when Jennifer was 10 years old. “I went to a birthday party,” Jennifer told Rolling Stone magazine. “When I came back, my mother said that your father will not be here for a little while.”

Jennifer’s father was absent for over a year and then came back into her life. Jennifer’s relationship with her mother Nancy was also strained and she did not speak to her for 15 years after she published a book about their life.

4. Rihanna, Stars News

Stars News

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Rihanna has said that she felt betrayed after her father released details of her relationship with Chris Brown to the media without her consent.

In an interview, he tearfully said: “What do I even mean to him? It is really strange. That’s the only word I can think of to describe it. Because you grow up with your father, you know him, by God’s will… you are a part of him! And then he does something so weird that I can’t understand it. “You hear horror stories about people who go behind people’s backs and do weird things but you always think my family is not like that, my dad would never do that to me.”

5. Adel, Stars News

Adele fans know that she had no contact for years with her father, Mark, who abandoned her and her mother when Adele was just three years old due to alcoholism. The two reportedly reconciled before Mark’s death.

6. Beyoncé, Stars News

Beyoncé’s close relationship with her father fell apart after Matthew Knowles was accused of embezzling $143 million from her world tour (from 2009 to 2010).

“I have received absolutely no money from Beyoncé and every dollar will be counted,” Matthew told the Associated Press in 2011. I say again. “The people who made these claims must bring evidence.” Around the same time, Beyoncé’s parents divorced.

The names of dozens of other stars can be added to this list. Including Lindsay Lohan, Matthew McConaughey, Mariah Carey, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Paris Hilton and Eminem, who are said to have had complicated relationships with their parents.

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