Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’ Looks Just Like Dad Kanye West, Kim Kardashian Said

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’: Kim Kardashian’s youngest is growing up! Amid photos of older son Saint’s 8th birthday party shared by the SKIMS co-founder, 43, on Saturday, the mom of four debuted 4-year-old Psalm’s new haircut.

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, “Big boy haircut now for Psalm,” Kardashian wrote on her Instagram Story, as she panned to the little one dressed in soccer gear like his brother and his friends. Without his head full of curls, Psalm bears a striking resemblance to dad Kanye West.

“Does anybody recognize this boy?” She jokingly said as she approached her little guy.

In addition to Psalm and Saint, Kardashian also shares daughters Chicago, 5, and North, 10, with the “Through the Wire” rapper.

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’ Looks Just Like Dad Kanye West

Son Psalm's 'Big Boy Haircut'

Kim Kardashian Shares Behind-the-Scenes Look at Son Saint’s Soccer-Themed Birthday Party — See the Photos!

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, The Kardashians star recently opened up about navigating her business career on the podcastMavericks with Mav Carter. The mogul mom said that she doesn’t expect her kids to necessarily follow in her entrepreneurial footsteps.

“I want them to do whatever makes them happy,” Kardashian told the SpringHill Company CEO, when asked if she’d be a similar mom to her famous “momager” Kris Jenner.

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, She went on to explain that North and Saint’s interests are already taking shape. “I already see what they’re into and like the creative energy from them and I kind of can tell maybe where my two older ones are going to go,” Kardashian said. “North, for sure, feels like a creative. Saint feels like a creative.”

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, However, the SKIMS founder said it’s too early to tell with her younger two children. “The little ones, Chicago and Psalm? If you ask Psalm what he wants to do, he wants to be like a truck driver or anything with a truck,” she said. “That’s like been his Halloween costume for like three years.”

Son Psalm's 'Big Boy Haircut'

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, Earlier this fall, Kardashian spoke about how she’s been adjusting to raising her four kids as a single mom. “I think I’m still learning how to be a single parent,” she admitted in an earlier episode of The Kardashians.

“I just did the Jay Shetty podcast where I spoke about parenting, and I mean, I should be used to it by now, but everyone had a lot to say,” she continued, referencing criticisms of her comments on struggling with time despite having household help.

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, “The struggles that my kids go through really have nothing to do with the amount of help that I have,” she leveled.

“Obviously, having nannies and a chef to help cook is beyond helpful. It’s all about family and enjoying these moments. It takes a village to raise kids, but at the end of the day, your kids only want you.”

Son Psalm’s ‘Big Boy Haircut’, “The one thing that everyone has in common is just the amount of time that we have. I’m raising four kids and I split my time between my work, my family, my four kids and I want to make sure that my kids have 90% of that,” Kardashian explained.

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