Oscar 2024: The 8 Gorgeous Beauty Looks Of The Stars

Oscar 2024: The most awaited night of the year, the 2024 Oscars gave us the long-awaited glitz which this year was dressed in refined beauty.

In addition to letting us discover the films that took home the coveted golden statuette, it offered us a roundup of the best beauty looks on the red carpet in the name of non-extreme style.

Oscar 2024, From the inevitable more or less high updos, to the loose hair with waves of all types, to the luminous skin, the glossy lips, this year’s red carpet was the showcase of the trends that are the most popular not only on the red carpet, but in real life and on social media.

Each of these trends has shown us how you don’t have to overdo it to capture attention, but just focus on amplifying your style to be spectacular, obviously thanks to illuminated make-up and well-groomed hair with an extreme shiny effect. Here we have collected the best 10 in our opinion, from which you can be inspired, if necessary, at the first opportunity.

1. Emma Stone

Oscar 2024

Oscar 2024, Emma Stone, one of the most anticipated on the red carpet, appeared fabulous with porcelain skin and bright blush that sculpted her face. The imperceptible, neutral eyeshadow illuminated the gaze which caught the light thanks to a subtle gold glitter sparkle on which a brown eyeliner, applied with the tight line technique on the upper lashes. It was all paired with watermelon lips and copper brown hair loose in soft waves.

2. Zendaya

Oscar 2024

Oscar 2024, Zendaya’s flip-up bob, a perfect blend of past and present, is our favorite hair look. Zendaya’s Old Hollywood style is glamorous, chic yet contemporary and elegant. For her makeup, the Dune star used brown eyeshadow mixed with bright gold and subtle feline eyeliner.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Oscar 2024, The Oscar-winning actress for Bright Side showed off enviable tanned skin, kissed by the sun combined with feline eyeliner and bold to highlight her blue eyes.

3. Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy

Oscar 2024, Anya Taylor-Joy’s unmistakable ice blonde has become the iconic element of her look and on the occasion of the 2024 Oscars the actress brought it out to the maximum by wearing her hair loose and super straight with a sleek effect. Her skin was flawless with little blush, perfect contour for a look with a smokey eye effect in shades of gunmetal gray and lips of a delicate salmon shade.

5. Margot Robbie

Oscar 2024, Our beloved Barbie was beautiful with her now iconic loose blonde hair in a slightly carefree cool girl style. Following the make-up trends of the moment, she chose a natural make-up made of delicate black eyeliner and nude lips.

6. Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

Oscar 2024, The singer and songwriter nominated for an Oscar for her song «What Was I Made For? »From the film Barbie, she opted for a natural and minimalist make-up with nude eyes, a light layer of mascara, pink blush on the cheekbones and shiny lips with an ombré effect. Lips in nude tones outlined with a darker pencil with a brown undertone that recalls the aesthetics of the 90s.

7. America Ferrera

Oscar 2024, The Best Supporting Actress nominee went for a barbie-core look with pink makeup and silver glitter on her eyes. A matte lipstick of the same color and luminous, natural skin. Her haircut, a soft bob with the ends fringed and combed to one side, gave her a carefree look.

8. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Oscar 2024, The now super blonde star appeared in a breathtaking pink dress, and for her beauty look she focused on total pink with baby pink eyeshadow, very long eyelashes, a touch of blush and lips of the same shade with a super shiny finish.

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