Laura Lynch: Laura Lynch Dies In Car Crash In Texas, Founding Member Of The Dixie Chicks

Laura Lynch: Lynch was driving east on Highway 62 when her vehicle was hit by a car traveling in the opposite direction. a founding member of The Dixie Chicks, was killed in a head-on crash in El Paso, Texas, police said Saturday. She was 65.

Lynch was traveling eastbound on U.S. 62 when another car traveling in the opposite direction attempted to pass a vehicle on a two-way undivided portion of the highway, the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Laura Lynch: Laura Lynch Dies In Car Crash In Texas

Laura Lynch

Laura Lynch, The crash occurred Friday around 5:45 p.m. local time.

The band, which changed its name in 2020 to The Chicks, said it was “shocked and saddened” by her death.

“We hold a special place in our hearts for the time we spent playing music, laughing and traveling together,” the band wrote in a statement.

Laura Lynch, “Laura was a bright light…her infectious energy and humor gave a spark to the early days of our band,” it said. “Laura had a gift for design, a love of all things Texas and was instrumental in the early success of the band. Her undeniable talents helped propel us beyond busking on street corners to stages all across Texas and the mid-West.”

Laura Lynch

Lynch was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Authorities said she was not wearing a seatbelt. The other vehicle caught on fire and the driver was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Laura Lynch, Lynch was a co-founder of the group alongside members Robin Lynn Macy, Martie Erwin and Emily Erwin in 1989, Billboard reported. She was the upright bass player and eventually took the role of a singer.

Laura Lynch, She recorded three albums with the group before leaving. Natalie Maines replaced her in the band.

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