Jane Seymour Says Dick Van Dyke Turned Her Local Grocery Store Into ‘His Stage’ To Break Into ‘Song And Dance’

Jane Seymour: During Thursday’s Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic tribute special on CBS, Jane Seymour explained how she encountered the Hollywood legend putting on a show at her nearby convenience store.

“I would go to the local grocery store, pushing a trolley, and coming towards me I saw Dick Van Dyke,” she said. “Well, of course I wondered if it was really him, but then people would surround him, and he’d suddenly break out into a little song and dance.”

Jane Seymour, Seymour continued, “I thought it was amazing. But anyway, I went back the next day, and he was back again, and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And he said, ‘My wife always needs something. She sends me out every day.’ He loved it. He turned the grocery store into his stage.”

Jane Seymour Says Dick Van Dyke Turned Her Local Grocery Store

Jane Seymour

Van Dyke, 98, and Seymour, 72, costarred in 2018’s Buttons: A Christmas Tale. The two friends were most recently spotted together this Halloween posing for a festive snap with theater star Amy Manford and musician William Joseph.

Jane Seymour, According to Seymour, The Dick Van Dyke Show star “also, by the way, does the most amazing Halloween haunted house you’ve ever seen,” Seymour added. “It’s a full-on production. And I saw him a couple of weeks ago there, and oh my God, it was so cool.”

Ahead of his birthday on Dec. 13, Van Dyke revealed to PEOPLE one of his keys to staying sharp physically and mentally: hitting the gym three times a week, a practice his wife Arlene Silver strongly encourages.

“It’s so hard to work out, but I still do all the moves, and I think I’m in better shape than most of my fellow nonagenarians,” he said.

Jane Seymour, The star added that he still finds joy and gratitude “every day of my life.”

“My wife brings me a cup of coffee in the morning. I get it in bed. I get treated like a king around here,” he said, referring to his Southern California home.

Jane Seymour

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Jane Seymour, Though Thursday’s special was joyous and dazzling, it also included a few bittersweet moments, including when Van Dyke also acknowledged his sadness at outliving longtime friends including Norman Lear, who died Dec. 5 at the age of 101.

“I [once] had a bunch of friends there to say nice things,” he admitted, “but Mary Tyler Moore, Morey [Amsterdam] and [Rose Marie], Carl Reiner, Norman Lear — all the people that I always loved and associated with are gone, so I’m having to make new friends.”

Jane Seymour, Luckily, he doesn’t have to go far to do that. “I’m happy to say people come to me,” he added. “I don’t have to go out looking.”

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