Dressing In Old Age Based On The Style Of Women Of European Royal Families

Dressing In Old Age: Choosing a cover based on different layers of clothing, such as a combination of blouses, jackets, and coats, in addition to adding style and appeal, also provides the ability to adjust comfort with changes in temperature.

Elderly women in European royal families have always been a role model for many people in their old age by maintaining a special style and style in fashion. This style is not only dignified and modest, but also comfortable and stylish.

Dressing In Old Age, In old age, people’s main focus in choosing clothing is often its comfort and practicality, especially if a person has special needs such as limitations in walking, standing or using a cane. In the following, we discuss some important principles of dressing in old age, based on the style of women of royal families:

Clothes with high-quality fabrics and with precise and professional sewing, not only last longer, but also give a stylish and dignified look to a person’s appearance. The breathability and flexibility of the fabric also help the elderly to feel comfortable in the clothes.

Dressing In Old Age, Soft and classic colors such as cream, beige, gray and light blue create a calm and dignified effect that is suitable for old age. Queen Camilla chooses this type of cover for most formal events, but there are no specific rules in this case. Just like Queen Camilla herself is considered a fan of patterned fabrics. 84-year-old Margrethe, the former queen of Denmark, does not shy away from wearing bright summer shirts with large flowers.

Dressing In Old Age

1. Layered Coatings

Choosing a cover based on different layers of clothing, such as a combination of blouses, jackets, and coats, in addition to adding style and appeal, also provides the ability to adjust comfort with changes in temperature. Silva, the 80-year-old queen of Sweden, often completes her style with a monochromatic coat.

Dressing In Old Age

2. Adequate Jewelry And Accessories

Dressing In Old Age

The use of simple and stylish ornaments such as pearls, silk shawls and delicate hats gives an original effect to one’s appearance. The 73-year-old princess often wears a silk scarf or neck scarf and dangles delicate pearl earrings.

Dressing In Old Age

3. Comfortable Shoes

Choosing high-quality and comfortable shoes is an important part of aging style. At this age, people may suffer from diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, or edema of the feet, and it is important that the person’s appearance is arranged in accordance with the shoes, because most of these people cannot wear any kind of shoes.

Dressing In Old Age

4. Makeup And Skin Care

Gentle and natural make-up and attention to skin care reveal the freshness and vitality of the face. Besides this, some makeup tricks like using white shadow around the eyes, which Queen Camilla considers in her makeup, are also useful.

Dressing In Old Age

5. Attention To Detail

Aging may reduce the natural curves of the body and make tailors and designers limited in choosing clothing models. In this situation, paying attention to details, such as the use of special buttons, embroidery and delicate designs, chest flower and the like, makes clothes with the same stitching look different and unique.

Dressing In Old Age

6. Good Sewing

Dressing In Old Age

With age, the flexibility of the body decreases, and clothes should be designed and sewn in such a way that they can be put on and taken off easily. Zippers, buttons and fasteners should also be considered according to the situation, especially if the elderly person prefers to dress without the help of others.

In recent years, the fashion world has questioned the way of thinking that good dressing is exclusive to a certain age with the presence of models over 70 years old, and in recent fashion advertising campaigns there are models with a stunning appearance who are in their 80s.

American model and actress Carmen Dell’Orefice (now 93 years old) walked the catwalk at the Spring/Summer 2013 Spring/Summer 2013 Paris fashion show. Spanish fashion house Loewe also unveiled Dame Maggie Smith, the 88-year-old actress and makeup artist in the fictional Harry Potter series, as the new face of its Spring/Summer 2024 pre-collection campaign. In this way, we hope to see more clothes in store windows every year that are designed and sewn for women over 70 years old.

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