How Is A $43 Million Necklace Made? Priyanka Chopra Attract Attention

$43 Million Necklace: Three years ago, Jean-Christophe Babin CEO of Bulgari, decided to buy a very rare and pure 150-carat tough diamond.

$43 Million Necklace, This decision, which was a combination of analysis, expertise and of course luck, was made in the hope of producing a flawless piece from this large and rare diamond. He told Vogue Business about this: “Estimating how much flawless stone you can extract from a rough diamond is complicated. “We thought we could extract up to 150 carats of this diamond, so we paid a higher price than others.”

How Is A $43 Million Necklace Made?

$43 Million Necklace

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$43 Million Necklace, And it was a successful purchase; After 2,800 hours of work, this particular diamond became the Aeterna Serpenti necklace, which has seven pear-shaped diamonds and weighs 140 carats (10 carats were sacrificed to make the final weight commemorating Bulgari’s 140th anniversary). The necklace was worn by Bulgari ambassador Priyanka Chopra at the brand’s jewelry event in Rome on Monday, May 20.

$43 Million Necklace, This valuable piece, which Babin called the “Necklace of the Century”, was sold to an unknown buyer.

$43 Million Necklace, This necklace is Bulgari’s bold statement; According to Babin, who has run the brand since 2013, they have always used diamonds, but people still tend to see colored stones in the brand’s work, “so we wanted to do our best to show that Bulgari is in the field. Diamond is equally powerful.”

$43 Million Necklace, This necklace is part of the 156-piece Aeterna jewelry collection. Anne Hathaway, who wore an antique sapphire pendant studded with diamonds, was among the guests at the event, sitting in the front row. Carla Bruni and Isabella Rossellini were among the other models who displayed the jewels of this collection.

$43 Million Necklace, In recent years, jewelers have made a lot of efforts to organize luxury jewelry events, attracting celebrities, media and wealthy customers. Fashion houses such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci have also joined this competition. “Fine jewelry is a growing market globally,” says Babin. Post-Covid, affluent customers want to enjoy the finest things more than ever. We are fortunate to be one of the few divisions that can boast that each of our pieces is virtually unique.”

$43 Million Necklace

Source: Instagram

According to Babin, top customers are resilient to luxury goods even in the global recession and continue to buy and invest in luxury goods and fine jewelry even when other market segments are facing a decline in demand. The number of luxury jewelry that is produced per year is small compared to the number of super-rich people, and its market is still competitive.

$43 Million Necklace, In 2024, Bulgari had three billion and 600 million euros in sales, 80% of which was jewelry, 13% of watches and other accessories, perfume and luxury hotels and resorts, which, according to Morgan Stanley’s financial services and investment company, made Bulgari the It became the fourth largest jewelry brand in the world. Babin did not mention the share of luxury jewelry in the fashion house’s income, but explained that this segment is also a profitable business.

$43 Million Necklace, At the Rome event, in addition to jewelry, 15 luxury watches were also displayed. Among these watches, we can mention the “Fenice Secret” which was made of rose (pink) and white gold and had a gem of rubellite as the central stone and was sold at a price of two million and 600 thousand euros.

$43 Million Necklace, Exotic handbags made of special skins with exorbitant prices up to 450 thousand euros and luxury perfumes with prices up to 200 thousand euros were also displayed in this event. One of these perfumes was in an expensive Murano glass and gold bottle with a pendant in the shape of a snake’s head around the sprayer.

$43 Million Necklace, Mary Katrantzou, who was named Bulgari’s first chief designer of leather goods and accessories in April, was present at the event. The first of her innovative handbags will be presented during an event in the fall and are scheduled to arrive in Bulgari stores in January 2025.

$43 Million Necklace, Regarding the outfits worn by the models at the fine jewelry show, Babin explained to Vogue Business that unlike Chopard, which is experimenting with haute couture design for its jewelry presentation, Bulgari’s models at the fine jewelry show were custom-designed to be elegant and simple. be so that attention is not diverted from jewelry to something else.

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