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Winter Drinks: The 8 Beneficial And Best Winter Drinks

Winter Drinks: Indulge in a warming cocktail or a crowd-pleasing punch using our best winter drink recipes. Make a batch of classic mulled wine or a smooth hot chocolate.

From a steaming glass of traditional mulled wine, brimming with spices, to an indulgent mudslide cocktail, our winter drinks recipes are perfect for seeing in the festive season. Curl up in your fluffiest jumper with a creamy peppermint hot chocolate, or get the party started with a batch of our marvelous mulled gin.

Winter Drinks, Keep everyone’s glasses topped up with our favorite festive drinks and mouth-watering non-alcoholic drinks for every taste. Find top mixology tips, reviews of our favorite products and even more triple-tested recipes in our cocktails & drinks hub.

1. Spiced apple syrup with clementine & cloves

Winter Drinks

Winter Drinks, Our spiced apple syrup with clementine & cloves will add a burst of fabulous Christmas flavor to any drink. Try adding to hot apple juice or mulled wine for festive fruit and spice. It’s even delicious drizzled over ice cream for an upgraded frozen treat. It will keep for about a month, so store it in the fridge ready for impromptu gatherings.

2. Mulled wine cocktail

Winter Drinks

Winter Drinks, winter wouldn’t feel the same without a warm mug of mulled wine, maybe with a splash of sloe gin for sweetness. But if you want to take that comforting cup of mulled wine and turn it into a fancier cocktail for your winter get-togethers, try our make-ahead mulled wine cocktail.

3. Winter whisky sour

Winter Drinks

Winter Drinks, warm up from the inside out with our simple winter whiskey sour. Give the classic sour a couple of delicious tweaks and it’s ready for the festive season. Add a splash of orange juice to your favorite bourbon, a little sugar syrup and some fresh fruit. Need more help getting into the spirit?

4. Gingerbread hot chocolate

Gingerbread hot chocolate

Winter Drinks, elevate your hot chocolate game with this festive version infused with zesty orange, warm ginger, spicy cloves, and cinnamon. To take it to the next level, don’t forget to crown it with a cloud of luscious whipped cream and top with crumbled gingerbread for extra spice.

Got something of a sweet tooth? Try our top hot chocolate recipes, from hazelnut cream to salted caramel.

5. Mince pie rum

Mince pie rum

Winter Drinks, Let someone know you care with a homemade holiday drink that can be prepared ahead and keeps well for up to six months. It’s perfect for spicing a hot toddy or adding winter warmth to punch. Why not try it instead of spiced rum in our cinnamon butter rum recipe to bring an extra-Christmassy flavor?

6. Mulled pear & cranberry punch

Mulled pear & cranberry punch

Winter Drinks, Our versatile mulled pear & cranberry punch can be served as a cocktail or a non-boozy version, simply miss out the sloe gin. The beauty of this all-in-one recipe means you can simply chuck your ingredients in a pan, leave to heat, and then ladle out as needed. It takes just 10 minutes to make, so no need to sweat it out in the kitchen.

7. Mudslide


Winter Drinks, This creamy, coffee-flavored cocktail is for adults only. Our mudslide is pure decadence, something to be savored and sipped at your leisure.

8. Winter Pimm’s punch

Winter Pimm's punch

Winter Drinks, This archetypal English tipple isn’t just for summer. Our winter Pimm’s punch is paired with sweet brandy and light apple juice for an instant winter winner. You’ll probably have most of the ingredients already lurking in kitchen cupboard. It can be served warm or cool.

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