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What Is Chilling And How Can We Control It?

What Is Chilling: What is a chilling and what measures can we take to immediately treat a severe cold? When such questions are asked, people will definitely look for solutions for immediate treatment of severe cold after observing a series of symptoms.

What Is Chilling, It is completely illogical to be able to correctly diagnose the symptoms of a cold by yourself; because the symptoms that people observe after being cold may have occurred in the human body for various reasons.

But at the same time, it is not impossible to recognize a cold and its related symptoms; because many people experience the feeling of being cold after consuming cold foods.

What Is Chilling, In this article from the Chashmak magazine, we are going to examine the cold and its related symptoms. In addition, we will also introduce the best treatment methods for this disease. Please stay with us until the end.

What Is Chilling And What Are Its Symptoms?

What Is Chilling, The term “cooling” does not have a precise definition. In other words, when a person experiences heartache, nausea, and nausea after consuming too many cold foods, we say he has a cold! Chilling occurs mostly in spring and summer.

The fact is that we can’t define chilling more than this! There is only one certainty about this issue: consuming certain foods and foods makes a person feel cold.

What Is Chilling, Therefore, in the continuation of this article, we will introduce foods that have a cold nature and their consumption increases the possibility of catching a cold.

Which Foods Cause Chilling?

What Is Chilling, Unfortunately, the information that is available regarding cold foods is completely experimental and has no scientific source. But based on experience, it seems that the following food items have a cold nature and their high consumption leads to coldness.

1. Dairy

What Is Chilling

What Is Chilling, Among the foods with a cold temperament, we first go to dairy products, which have a cold and dry temperament. In terms of temperament in traditional medicine, if your temperament is not compatible with dairy products such as yogurt, milk, buttermilk, curd, cream, etc., reduce their consumption as much as possible.

Dairy products are cold

What Is Chilling, Try to use walnuts when consuming cheese, and mint and oregano, Ziziphora, etc. when consuming buttermilk. Using healthy ingredients along with cold-tempered foods will help you consume this category of ingredients more easily.

What Is Chilling, Yogurt and buttermilk can also be consumed with oregano and dry mint, or even cloves, garlic, olives, and black seeds, in order to avoid getting cold after consuming these types of dairy products.

So if you get a cold after consuming dairy products, try eating some additives along with them. This event balances cold and heat and keeps you safe from getting cold.

2. Edible Roots

What Is Chilling, Based on experience, it has been proven that among the edible roots, only the potato is cold-hardy. Other roots are warm in nature and you can safely use them.

Potatoes make you feel cold

What Is Chilling, Since potatoes are one of the main parts of our country’s diet, it is almost impossible to eliminate them. However, if you experience cold symptoms after eating potatoes, you can use remedies such as thyme, cinnamon, and ginger.

3. Vegetables Root And Fruits

What Is Chilling

What Is Chilling, To check the nature of summer vegetables and fruits, we have to check them separately. As the first fruit, we go to berries.  It seems that some types of berries have a cold nature and some of them have a warm nature!

Among the berries, raspberries and blackberries have a cold and dry temperament, and strawberries have a cold and moist temperament. If you feel cold after consuming these berries, you can use honey along with them.

What Is Chilling, Different types of cucumbers, like berries, have different characteristics. The bush cucumber is one of the summers that has a cold temperament and the Armenian cucumber has a warm and moist temperament. Therefore, we recommend cold-tempered people to use Armenian cucumber instead of bush cucumber. These loved ones can also eat bush cucumber with raisins and salt, etc., so that they don’t get cold.

Tomatoes have a cold temperament. If you want to avoid getting cold after consuming this delicious and popular ingredient, be sure to use olive oil and salt.

What Is Chilling, In addition to cucumber and tomato, pumpkin and watermelon also have a cold and moist nature. The only sweetener for watermelon that we can introduce to you is honey, and there are many sweeteners for pumpkin, such as cumin, watercress, salt, olive oil, mint and pepper.

Blueberries, cherries, parsnips and hawthorns, peaches, nectarines, apricots, peaches, etc. are among other fruits that have a cold temperament. If you feel cold in the summer season, reduce the consumption of these fruits as much as possible.

4. The Meats

What Is Chilling, Although many meats have a hot nature, among them, fish, goat, mutton, and even sirabi meat have a cold nature. Contrary to what most people think, veal does not have a cold nature and you can consume it with peace of mind.

The Conclusion

What Is Chilling, Cold is a common disorder that is usually associated with heartache, dizziness and sometimes nausea. Knowing foods with a cold nature and the right way to consume them can largely prevent people from catching a cold.

In this article, we examined coldness, cold foods, and ways to prevent this condition. If you still have questions or doubts in this regard, be sure to share with us in the comments section.

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