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The Properties Of Yogurt For The Body And Health

Properties Of Yogurt: Yogurt is one of the most popular dairy products in the world, which is rich in protein and some vitamins.

Milk turns into yogurt as a result of fermentation by bacteria, for this reason, except for a few small differences, milk and yogurt have the same vitamin and mineral composition and have many benefits for the health of the body. In this section of Chashmak, we will discuss the properties of yogurt.

Properties and benefits of yogurt for body health

Yogurt has different health benefits, including:

Properties Of Yogurt

1. Anti-Allergy And Sensitivity

Properties Of Yogurt

Properties Of Yogurt, Yogurt is anti-allergic and prevents allergic diseases such as skin inflammation, asthma and food allergies. Yogurt protects people from diseases such as eczema and hives.

2. Weight Loss

Properties Of Yogurt, Yogurt should be included in the diet to lose weight. Because yogurt strengthens the body’s ability to burn fat and facilitates the maintenance of muscles in the right condition. Also, a balanced amount of calcium can keep the body healthy and encourage it to lose weight.

Yogurt is a memory enhancer due to its phosphorus content and has an effect on our perception and cognition.

3. Strengthening The Stomach And Better Digestion Of Food

Properties Of Yogurt, Yogurt is one of the best, strongest, cheapest and most easily digestible foods. This substance strengthens the stomach and helps digestion. Yogurt also helps the intestines to return to their normal state; It removes harmful bacteria from the intestines, and as a result, it becomes easier to digest and absorb food.

4. Reducing The Risk Of Colon Cancer

Properties Of Yogurt

Yogurt makes the colon healthy. When you consume yogurt, you protect your colon in two ways. First, yogurt contains lactobacilli that protect the colon and even reduce the risk of colon cancer. . These bacteria increase the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and reduce the conversion of bile into carcinogenic substances.

5. Treatment Of Constipation

Properties Of Yogurt, Yogurt contains probiotics that make the intestines move better. Constipation is formed due to the slow movement of intestines, so eat yogurt to treat constipation.

6. Supplying The Protein Needed By The Body

Yogurt is a very good source of protein. In every 250 ml of yogurt, there were approximately 10-14 grams of protein, which is approximately equal to 20% of the daily requirement. Studies on foods containing high protein show that these foods can satisfy your hunger and prevent you from overeating at the moment.

7. Maintaining Healthy Bones And Teeth


Properties Of Yogurt, Since yogurt is obtained from dairy products, it has a very high amount of calcium, which is of great importance for maintaining the health of bones and teeth. Yogurt also strengthens bones due to its vitamin D content.

Calcium is useful for people with low bone density and also for patients with osteoporosis.

8. Cholesterol Reduction

Yogurt can reduce blood cholesterol. This may be due to the effect of the activity of living bacteria and the ease of cholesterol metabolism.

9. Elimination Of Toxins From The Body

Yogurt gives strength, vitality, resistance and agility to a person and cleanses the body of toxins. That is why it is recommended to eat it in all diseases.

10. Lower Blood Pressure


Properties Of Yogurt, Yogurt has a lot of potassium. Every 230 grams of yogurt has about 600 grams of potassium. Potassium can remove excess sodium from the body and lower blood pressure.

11. Increase Body Immunity

A lot of research has been done on the therapeutic and preventive effects of yogurt and the bacteria used in its production on diseases such as cancer, infections, gastrointestinal disorders and asthma.

There is a theory that increasing the consumption of yogurt, especially in immunocompromised people such as the elderly, increases the immune response and resistance to related diseases.

12. Properties Of Yogurt For Diabetics

Properties Of Yogurt, Yogurt regulates your blood sugar. In addition, yogurt is slowly absorbed by the intestines, and blood sugar increases very slowly after consuming this food, and that’s why yogurt is effective in keeping blood sugar balanced.

13. Properties Of Yogurt For Children


In children suffering from malabsorption disease, yogurt helps in the absorption of two important food compounds, proteins and minerals. The lactic acid in yogurt facilitates the absorption and digestion of these nutritious compounds.

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