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Nail Care Routine Steps: The 10 Steps Of Nail Care Routine That Should Be Done At Home

Nail Care Routine Steps: Having a weekly nail routine is just as important as having a skin routine. This can help you to really prioritize the care of your nails.

That being said, when it comes to nail care, most people think of a manicurist. But your nail care doesn’t have to be done in a salon to be effective. Here are some essentials for an at-home but salon-quality nail routine:

Nail Care Routine Steps

1. Shortening And Cutting

Nail Care Routine Steps

Nail Care Routine Steps, The next step is to do the usual, a good trim with a proper nail clipper. It is recommended to cut your nails regularly. When they grow past a certain length, they often become thin and break at the slightest impact.

2. Regular Filing

Nail Care Routine Steps, Use a nail file to smooth the edges and corners. You can shape your nails in different ways, from almond shaped to round and square. Everyone has their own personal preference. Use your taste to shape them.

3. Clean The Cuticles

Nail Care Routine Steps

Nail Care Routine Steps, The first step is to prepare the nails and start with a quick cuticle clean. Cuticle; It is the skin in which the nail is placed and protects the root. In simpler terms, the white skins at the end of the nail are called cuticles. You can use your hand to do this, but the better and more basic thing is to use warm water or cuticle remover solutions. One drop on each nail is enough, massage the drops and then gently push back the cuticles using your nails or tools to keep them even and tidy. This will also help make your nails look longer.

These solutions will instantly dissolve any cuticles that have grown on the nail or soften the rest so that it is easier to push back. Since the cuticles are there to protect your nails and reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended to keep a balance when trimming them.

4. Prevent The Nail From Digging Into The Flesh

Nail Care Routine Steps, Many people have the experience of nails digging into the flesh, especially for ingrown toenails. To prevent this, first soak your fingers in warm water to loosen your skin. Then, using tweezers, gently pull out the loose skin.

5. Moisturize


Nail Care Routine Steps, In the next step, use special nail oils or moisturizing creams that also have strengthening properties for nails. For example, vitamin E moisturizes the nails and immediately works to soften the cuticles and rehydrate the entire nail area. Note that after use, give a few minutes and rest so that the ingredients are well absorbed by the nails.

6. Cleaning Nail Tools

Nail Care Routine Steps, Tools such as nail clippers, files, nippers, etc., which you use for your weekly nail routine, must be disinfected after use and kept in a dry environment to prevent the growth of bacteria that may be transferred to your nails during use. Prevent them from causing infection and fungus.

7. Use A Good, High-quality Nail Polish

Nail Polish

Nail Care Routine Steps, You may want to polish your nails for appearance changes. Always start with a base coat, which is clear and prevents smudging and can help protect your nails. When dry, apply your top coat. Depending on the intensity of the color, you may need to apply one to three layers. Avoid making your nail polish too thick. That is when it is easily removed. Finally, you can use nail polish remover to remove excess polish.

But in general, it is recommended to pay enough attention in buying nail polish and get the desired nail polish from reputable stores and famous brands. Auction nail polishes are often of poor quality and may cause yellowing of your nails and even fungus.

8. Avoid Excessive Contact With Water

Nail Care Routine Steps, Excessive hand contact with water can weaken the nail structure. As you know, after a long bath, the nails become very soft and flexible, because the water can easily spread through them. It is recommended to manage the contact of your hands with water and use gloves as much as possible for washing tasks.

9. Taking Vitamins

Taking Vitamins

Nail Care Routine Steps, Take vitamins like biotin or use cuticle oil to protect nails from damage by giving them extra nutrients. Also, the use of natural oils of tea tree, coconut, oregano, olive and vitamin E has a significant effect on strengthening nails.

10. Leaving Bad Habits

Nail Care Routine Steps, Habits such as biting nails, pulling the roots, scratching nail polish with hands, rough filing, using acetone, etc. will have no other result than damaging the nail surface. Doing this will scratch the surface of the nail and remove the top layer.

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