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Women Perform Better During Menstruation And Make Fewer Mistakes

Menstruation: The physical and mental effects of menstruation are tangible and extensive in many women, but new research challenges this hypothesis that women perform worse during menstruation.

Contrary to what was thought, research indicates that women are faster and make fewer mistakes during their period.

However, according to the study, led by University College London and the Center for Sport, Exercise and Health, women in the period between ovulation and menstruation, known as the ‘luteal phase’, have a slower time response and poorer timing predictions. Showed they also made more mistakes around the time of ovulation.

Menstruation, According to Sky News, the results of this research are surprising, because women during menstruation usually report unpleasant feelings such as boredom and moodiness and physical pains.

In an article published in the journal Neuropsychologia, the researchers wrote: “A significant number of women felt that these menstrual complications negatively affected their cognitive performance on the day of the test, while their actual performance indicated otherwise.” would give.”

Women Perform Better During Menstruation


Menstruation, In this research, 241 men and women participated in online tests and recorded their mental states and symptoms.

These men and women participated in different experiments twice, 14 days apart. Because the experiments were designed to mimic brain processes common in team sports, the researchers were able to examine the participants’ reaction time, concentration, and ability to relate to visual data, as well as predict what might happen. The results showed that there was no difference between the response and accuracy of women and men.

Dr. Flaminia Ronca, the main author of this research, says: “The results of this research challenge the general belief of the society and especially the belief of women about their capabilities during this particular period of the month.”

Menstruation, In one of the experiments, participants were shown images of smiling or winking faces and were asked to press the space bar on the keyboard only when they saw the smiling face. This test evaluated control ability, attention, reaction time and accuracy in these people. In another experiment, participants had to recognize mirror images in a three-dimensional rotation. Another test asked them to click when two balls hit each other on the screen.

According to the results of this experiment in the moving balls test, the timing of menstruating women was on average 10 milliseconds (12%) more accurate. In the control test, they had 25% less errors in the wrong press of the space bar. Instead, these women acted 10 to 20 milliseconds slower in the “luteal phase” of the menstrual cycle than in other phases, with their reactions slowing down. Of course, they did not make more mistakes at this stage.

Menstruation, Dr. Ronca says, “I hope these results will pave the way for positive conversations between coaches and athletes about perception and performance; that what we feel does not always reflect our performance. She also stressed that the research did not measure IQ, so it cannot be said that women are smarter or less intelligent at different stages of the menstrual cycle.

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