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Lip Care Routine: The Best 6 Ways For Lip Care

Lip Care Routine, Keeping healthy, soft, and protected lips don’t have to be rocket science. All it takes is a bit of TLC and minimal effort.

It’s not enough to just douse your lips in lip balm every time you see a chapped patch. To take care of your lips, you need to develop a lip care routine *yes, they are as important as your skincare routine*. Why? Because your lips delicate skin is quite fragile, meaning anything, from the weather to the lack of care, can dry them out and cause uncomfortable symptoms like itchiness and cracking. That’s why, taking care of your pout is a must.

Lip Care Routine, Keep reading to find out what your lips need you to do for them!

Lip Care Routine

Lip Care Routine, Want to have perfect, soft lips? Then you need to implement this skincare for lips into your daily beauty regimen. Doing this ensures that your lips are hydrated and healthy, giving you the feel of a perfect pout!

Lip Care Routine, A routine exclusively for your lips is not only essential, but it’s also fun! Follow this step-by-step guide that will result in soft, kissable lips.

1. Clean Your Lip

Lip Care Routine

Lip Care Routine, Everyone deserves to have perfectly pouty lips all day long. While there are plenty of lipstick formulas and shades out there, not many people know how to clean lips properly! To keep your pout clean and healthy use gentle cleansers combined with lukewarm water. This will remove dirt, oils, and any makeup residue that may have been left behind.

Lip Care Routine, For this step, there are many hydrating lip makeup removers that will help you get rid of all the nasties that may be ruining your perfect lip. Apply them with a cotton ball at night as the first step of your lip care routine.

2. Exfoliate

Lip Care Routine

Lip Care Routine, Exfoliating your lips is key to getting them looking their best. Many of us overlook this simple step in our lip routine or are hesitant because we fear over-exfoliating them. However, lip scrubs are not only a great way to get rid of the dead skin cells from lip balms and lipsticks that build up during the day, but also can help keep your lips healthy and looking supple.

Just be sure you choose a lip scrub gentle enough for your delicate lip skin and use it sparingly – gently exfoliating with lip scrub once or twice a week will make all the difference!

Lip Care Routine, So, don’t forget to gently exfoliate your lips!

3. Pop A Lip Patch Every Now And Then

Lip Care Routine, Lip patches are one of the trendiest and most selife-worth additions to any lip care routine. These goodies are packed with hydrating lip serum full of emollients, like coconut oil and shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins that penetrate deep into the skin of your lips and help soothe and hydrate them. These patches can give you the perfect botox-like full pout without having to go for harmful lip treatments.

Apply them 2-3 times a week to get amazing results.

4. Hydrate

Lip Care Routine, And here’s where the moisturizing lip balm comes in. Not only does it provide an added layer of protection and moisture to your delicate lips, but, depending on the type you choose, they can even add a natural tint to your pout and make it look suppler. You can apply them throughout the day and before going to sleep.

The most important thing about lip balms is that they provide comfort to the itchiness and crackiness that comes with flaky lips. Plus, the hydrating ingredients in these products work as a shield that prevents moisture loss and attracts water into the skin, keeping your lips hydrated.

Lip Care Routine, Depending on how sensitive your lips are and how much time you spend outdoors, you’ll have to decide how often works best for you! If you have severely dry lips, outdoor allergies or even if the weather condition makes your lips feel uncomfortable, then it’s recommended that you apply a generous amount of lip balm roughly every hour or whenever they start to feel weird so they can stay hydrated. On the other hand, if your lips are generally in good condition and you don’t spend enough time outdoors, then it probably isn’t necessary to apply a lip balm that often, just when they’re feeling parched or chapped.

Lip Care Routine, And, if you don’t like a moisturizing balm, you can use a nourishing oil and apply it every now and then.

5. Protect


Lip Care Routine, When it comes to sun protection we generally think of sunscreen for the skin of our face, so many people tend to forget lip protection! As the skin on our lips is some of the most delicate and paper-thin, it’s important to take extra precautions when exposing them to the sun.

Lip Care Routine, Look for a lip product, like a lip balm, that includes at least SPF 15 if not higher. This way, you can have peace of mind that your lips are completely protected from any sun damage or discoloration. Not only can sun exposure cause inflammation and discomfort, but over time it can lead to more serious issues like premature wrinkles!

6. Use A Lip Mask


Lip Care Routine, Lip masks are something that everyone’s skin is begging for. They provide a much-needed TLC and can tackle all lip issues – be it chapped, dry, or cracked, you name it.

Overnight lip masks are the perfect way to say goodbye to waking up with cracked lips and hello to luscious lips. These goodies, as their name suggests, work during the night to repair lip damage and deeply hydrate and brighten the skin, resulting in softer and smoother lips.

Lip Care Routine, Some of the popular lip mask treatments involve ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E, perfect for hydrating and softening lip skin overnight. So upgrade your lip treatment regimen with an overnight lip mask today!

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