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Buying Sandals Guide: What Points Should Be Considered When Buying Sandals?

Buying Sandals Guide: Summer shoes, sandals, are a practical and popular option for the hot summer months, but just as criteria should be considered when buying shoes, great care is needed in choosing sandals that are both stylish and comfortable.

The materials used in making sandals are as important as the model. Especially since leather sandals can protect the health of the feet during the day thanks to the use of natural materials in their structure. In order to choose the most comfortable sandal, one should consider the right model, size and shape of the foot.

What Is A Sandal?

Buying Sandals Guide

Buying Sandals Guide, Sandals are generally designed to be worn outside the house and in the open air and consist of an open model sole that is kept on the foot with the help of a strap or strap. Although it is sometimes unclear to distinguish sandals from other types of shoes, the general view is that sandals leave most parts of the foot, especially the toes, free.

Some believe that the difference between sandal and slippers is that sandal has straps that hold the foot together and its sole is stronger.

Buying Sandals Guide, Sandal has a special place in the history of footwear. The oldest known example of a sandal woven from the bark of a heather tree was found in the state of Oregon in the United States and dates back to about 10,900 years ago.

Sandals were also common in ancient Egypt, but only important people wore them. Egyptian sandals were made from papyrus and other materials including leather and wood. In ancient Greece and Rome, people also wore sandals. The Greek god Hermes is often depicted wearing winged sandals.

Types Of Sandals

Buying Sandals Guide, From the time of Egypt and Ancient Greece to today, dozens of new styles of sandals have been added to the world of fashion. From the types of sandal models, we can refer to walking sandals or sports sandals that are used in outdoor sports, or jeweled and heeled sandals that are seen from the workplace to parties and weddings.

In general, the types of sandals are:

Flat sandals

Heeled sandals

Narrow heel sandals

Leather sandals

Thick sole sandals

Straw sandals


Ankle strap sandals

Sandal without fingers

Fabric sandal

Sports sandals

Buying Sandals Guide, A chair that is suitable for your feet will not cause sores, blisters and redness on the feet.

Experts say that since the anatomy of men’s feet is different from that of women, the difference in the structure of the soles of the feet should also be taken into account.

Buying Sandals Guide, The advice of experts for wide feet, both men and women, is to avoid choosing sandals with closed tops and sides. Models that do not compress the foot and allow the foot to move freely, support the health of the foot and do not leave you with painful feet.

Sandals also balance the body temperature and prevent the feet from sweating with their open structure and exposing the feet to the air.

Buying Sandals Guide, Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your feet when wearing sandals and remember that the parts of your feet that are exposed to the sun will get darker over time, and the design and pattern of the sandal’s holes may be left on your feet.

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