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Blue Eyeshadow Return To 2024 + Photos

Blue Eyeshadow: Every season has its favorite makeup trend: if 2023 was, without a shadow of a doubt, the year of Barbie pink (and we also know why).

One tone in particular, iconic if you think about the history of make-up, seems to all intents and purposes wanting to conquer 2024, especially with regards to the look.

According to beauty trends and forecasts, among looks with a natural effect, blue eyeshadow will define the lines, geometries and three-dimensionality of our eyes today.

Blue Eyeshadow, Borrowing from the inspirations of the past, ocean eyes return in recent months to mark the aesthetic choices of designers who brought them on the catwalk alongside the latest creations, especially those designed for the spring-summer season, of cinema and fashion celebrities system, which color the feeds of all social networks with cobalt, cyan and ice blue.

Blue Eyeshadow

Eye Makeup With Blue Eyeshadow Is The Trend Of 2024

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue Eyeshadow, As we read on Elle UK, the fashion shows of recent collections have undoubtedly shown a sudden wave of blue, light blue, cerulean and sapphire eyeshadows on the looks of fashion: from Jil Sander to Cormio, from Pierre Cardin to Etro and Alberto Marras, beauty on the catwalks has often opted for eye make-up in the blue palette, be it in its darker shades, including denim, or in the lighter ones, frosty Y2K, through a whole series of products, such as pencils, eyeshadows of all kinds, eyeliner and mascara, and different techniques.

And Chanel also fits into this scenario, having launched a blue eyeshadow palette within the new unmissable Collective Cometes make-up line for spring, inspired by the iridescent reflections of the marine world.

Not surprisingly, Pinterest declared blue as the most coveted makeup shade of the year; on the platform, searches for “aesthetic blue eyeshadow” increased by 65%, while those for “aqua-colored makeup” increased by 100%. Meanwhile, TikTok has totaled 266.3 million views for the hashtag #blueeyeshadow and 131.5 million for #bluemascara, also collecting professional tutorials from make-up artists, who show how to apply make-up with the color of the moment. Below you can find an example that perfectly explains how to do it.

Blue Eyeshadow

What The Blue Eyeshadow Trend Says

Blue Eyeshadow, Although blue eyeshadow is destined to gain great acceptance throughout the months of 2024, especially the summer and spring ones due to its ability to reproduce, with powders, pigments and specks, the colors of the sea and the most oceanic moods, it is certainly not a absolute novelty in terms of make-up.

Eye makeup in shades of blue is indeed to be considered iconic, a cornerstone especially on a historical and cultural level. In fact, every decade of the twentieth century had its own version, unique and particular: an intense blue eyeshadow belonged to the original Barbie of 1959, Cleopatra by Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe by Andy Warhol defined the look in the following upcoming 60s, Liza Minelli and Twiggy then reinvented it for the 70s, while Grace Jones and Lady Diana maintained its popularity throughout the 80s.

Blue Eyeshadow, Blue eyeshadow also has its deep roots in the pop culture of the 90s and 2000s: one cannot fail to remember, for example, the cult nuances, applied on Kate Moss’ eyelids at the 1996 Gucci fashion show, let alone the metallic ones, almost washed out, typical of Britney Spears’ overwhelming gaze on stages around the world.

After twenty years, it is in fact the top models or fashion icons of the past that occupy the spaces on our mood boards designed to inspire the eye make-up of the moment, obviously peppered with some recent hints: from the most loved it-girls to recent cinematographic frames. Just a few examples are Sydney Sweeney crying in Euphoria, or Mia Goth doing whatever she’s doing (very well) in Ti West’s horror films.

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