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Angelina Jolie Style: Gorgeous Actress Angelina Jolie’s Fashion Secrets + Photos

Angelina Jolie Style: For most women, Angelina Jolie is not only a powerful actress, but also a person who is trying to change the world.

Beside humanitarian works, always the style of this beautiful and successful actress is popular and special. Whether it’s attending the Oscars or just hitting the streets for a simple shopping spree, she always looks spectacular.

Angelina Jolie Style

1- Most Of The Time, She Wears Creamy-Color Shoes

Angelina Jolie Style

Image Source: Instagram

Angelina Jolie Style, Angelina Jolie often wears shoes in the nineties color spectrum, whether it’s beige high heels to wear with an evening dress or a comfortable beige sandal to wear on a trip. This trick is simple but clever. Ninety color spectrum shoes make the legs look longer, because its color is similar to skin hue. To use this trick, look for shoes that are closest to your natural skin color.

2- She Prefers Black, White And Pastel Clothes

Angelina Jolie Style, Another secret of Jolie’s well-dressed style is the color of the clothes she wears. It is rare to see her in bright colors. Most of the time, she wears black and white or gray, beige and pastel. These colors highlight her natural beauty and help her look good in any situation.

3. She Knows The Meaning Of “Powerful Covering”

Angelina Jolie Style

Image Source: Instagram

Angelina Jolie Style, Angelina Jolie is a great source of inspiration when it comes to power dressing. The type of dressing that helps a woman establish her authority in business, career and politics. Julie knows well how to create a good mental image of herself in the world of power, politics and business.

To achieve this goal, she wears stylish skirts and suits and combines them with minimalist accessories. Most of the time, she has the same style in red carpet events, but instead of formal jackets, she uses beautiful silk blouses.

4. She Has Found His Proper Makeup

Angelina Jolie Style, Angelina Jolie’s favorite makeup consists of a thin eyeliner, light and heavy eye shadows, long eyelashes and healthy and glowing skin. When it comes to lipstick, her favorite colors are scarlet red, mulberry red, light pink and coral. The combination of glowing skin, red lips, smoky eyes and slightly messy hair make up Jolie’s famous style.

5. She Always Use Accessory


Image Source: Instagram

Angelina Jolie Style, In everyday life and in work, Julie likes to use stylish and minimalistic earrings, but when it comes to attending red carpet events, she likes to turn the eyes with something dazzling. Along with her evening dress, she often wears elongated earrings that emphasize the shape of her eyes and make her neck appear longer. She stole the show at the 2009 Oscars with her big pear-shaped earrings.

But this was not the only time that Jolie attracted attention with her jewelry. In 2021, she appeared on the red carpet with an unusual accessory, which was a gilded chin strap.

6. She Has Found Her Suitable Night dress

Angelina Jolie Style, “Greek goddess” is probably an apt analogy for the style of evening gowns she wears at red carpet events. Most of the time, Jolie chooses long dresses that make her body look slimmer. By looking at the clothes that Jolie has worn on the red carpet over the years, it can be seen that although she has used different colors and fabrics, this image of the “Greek goddess” has always been associated with her style.

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