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Test Your Visual IQ: You Are Genius And Try To Find Where The Tape Measure Is Hidden In This Image!

Test Your Visual IQ: Evaluate the quality of your vision by trying to solve this more or less complex visual puzzle. Today, we will be able to highlight your different visual skills. Please note that this riddle seems to be simple, but it is not.

Only the brightest can solve it. Are you capable of it? Continue reading to know what you need to do to solve this test.

Test Your Visual IQ: find the hiding place of the tape measure in the image below

Test Your Visual IQ, The first thing to do is to carefully observe the image below which mainly represents a farm.

Test Your Visual IQ, Next, your mission is to find a tape measure. The latter is cleverly hidden. Good vision, attention and concentration must be there to overcome this challenge.

Test Your Visual IQ

Image Source: Radiotips

Test Your Visual IQ, Put aside distractions that can bother you and compromise your success. As the test is not timed, you have enough time to think and avoid rushing.

What are the good reasons to solve this visual puzzle?

Test Your Visual IQ, Solving a visual test rhymes with relaxation and fun. It can allow you to escape from reality for a while, entertain yourself and relax.

Also, visual puzzles can improve various cognitive skills, such as visual perception, pattern recognition, and spatial thinking.

Test Your Visual IQ, These skills can be useful in daily life, whether for solving real-world problems, perfecting your navigation skills, or even for artistic or design activities.

Test Your Visual IQ Answer: here is where the tape measure is

Test Your Visual IQ, First clue: the tape measure is hidden in the basket. Did you manage to find his hiding place? Look at the image below to know the solution. It is located in the white frame.

Test Your Visual IQ

Congratulations if you figured out where the measuring tape was hidden! This achievement indicates how keen your eye is.

Test Your Visual IQ, You are a great observer and nothing escapes you because you are very keen on details, even the smallest. Know that this quality is always essential to resolve the problems of daily life.

If you failed, don’t worry. Instead, look for the reason for this failure. You may just not be used to solving visual challenges.

Test Your Visual IQ, The best solution for this is to practice solving several puzzles. Keep in mind that your brain is a muscle that needs regular exercise to function properly.

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