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Visual Acuity: How Quickly Can You Spot The Intruder In This Image?

Visual Acuity: The best observers and geniuses manage to spot the hidden object in the image in less than 10 seconds. Can you do better?

Do you have time for a little challenge? Perfect! We have a stimulating and fun visual challenge for you.

Visual Acuity, This is a visual test where you must find an intruder in record time. If you have good thinking speed and a proven eye for detail, you should solve this visual puzzle with flying colors.

And if you have trouble spotting details, this challenge will allow you to develop your visual acuity.

Visual test: “Where is the telephone in this supermarket? »

Visual Acuity, As you will have understood, in order to solve this visual challenge, you must show attention and concentration. To beat the record by less than 10 seconds, you also need to have a good observation strategy.

Visual Acuity, The image below represents a supermarket with different details that make it up. What you need to look for as quickly as possible today is a phone. In fact, he is an intruder who has no place in this setting.

Visual Acuity

Image Source: Radiotips

Visual Acuity, You are ready? Don’t forget to start your timer to assess your speed of analysis and observation. Good luck!

Visual Acuity: the correct answer

Visual Acuity, Couldn’t find the phone in question? Give yourself a second chance: why not try the experience again?

This time, we give you a clue: it is a new model of phone: a cell phone. Up to you!

Visual Acuity, Even with this information, you still haven’t found the phone? It is then time to reveal to you the solution to this visual enigma.

Visual Acuity: The solution

You should have spotted two shopping carts which are present in the image well, the phone has been camouflaged among the shopping.

Visual Acuity

Image Source: Radiotips

Visual Acuity, Did you find the phone? How long did it take you? If you spotted it in less than 10 seconds to 15 seconds, congratulations! This means you have eagle vision and excellent analytical speed. You are an excellent observer.

If you’ve gone over 15 seconds or haven’t been able to find the phone at all, that’s okay and definitely doesn’t mean you’re stupid. You just need to awaken the observer in you.

Visual Acuity, To improve your visual acuity and become more attentive to details, find the best visual exercises on our site. Thanks to these different types of visual tests, you will strengthen your visual and cognitive skills.

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