The 30 Types Of Instagram Content To Have A Dream Income

Instagram Content: We talk about the types of content on Instagram, and how to turn a simple blog into one that people will visit and buy.

People come to Instagram for inspiring and eye-catching photos, videos and contents. Therefore, it must be done superbly!

Instagram Content, There are three types of content on Instagram: selling, informational and entertaining. And each has its own function. I compiled a selection of ideas with photos: one for every day. Let’s try to turn your account into a great blog in a month.

Informational Content

Instagram Content, Every sale starts with trust! Informational content serves this purpose. It should be useful to the audience, and therefore provide expertise. Followers see that you are a professional, which means they can be trusted. They get used to posts in the news feed, see consistency, and as a result, loyalty increases along with trust, and at the same time, informational content introduces the product in the best way. It should occupy approximately 50% of all posts.

What Is Informational Content?

Instagram Content

Instagram Content, Reputational content that talks about your successes and achievements;

Industry news, trends;

Product and service reviews;

Posts revealing product characteristics;

Publications about the life of the company;

Instagram Content, your behind the scenes – the process of creating a product, secrets and tricks, useful tricks, photos from production, and the process of using the product.

30 Types Of Instagram Content To Have A Dream Income

Content Ideas For Instagram

Instagram Content, Product photo. Enter the “product of the day” section and tell us why this particular product deserves attention;

Answer the most popular questions by photographing your product or use for photographs: colored pencils, paints, brushes, sketches and plans;

Instagram Content, Tell us about your plans for the day; photographs of notepads and pens will do;

Tell us about the “kitchen” of your production, use photos from the backstage or photos of the team;

Use newspapers and magazines to highlight industry news;

Antique items, jewelry, cutlery are suitable for telling the story of the company;

Tell us how your product differs from others, compare products from different lines;

Use photographs of people when talking about planned events, exhibitions and marathons;

Bouquets and beautiful flowers are suitable for describing holidays and company anniversaries;

Shed light on misconceptions surrounding your product and bust myths about your companies. For this, use either photographs of the product or something related to it;

Use employee photos to highlight funny stories and people who work for you;

Talk about trends and forecasts, trends in the industry;

Instagram Content, Show the tools you use to create your product. Write down how long it took you to learn what you do;

Instagram Content, Tell interesting facts about the products and provide statistics. As an illustration, suitable technology: phones, tablets, cameras and laptops.

Entertainment content

Instagram Content, Entertaining content keeps the audience from getting bored. We involve the passive reader in communication, increasing his loyalty. Such content should be about 20%.

Entertainment Content Includes:

Provocative posts;

Surveys, competitions, sweepstakes, quests and marathons;

Atmospheric posts to create a mood.

30 Types Of Instagram Content To Have A Dream Income

Entertainment Post Ideas

Instagram Content

Instagram Content, Take a photo of breakfast or a cup of coffee, wish your subscribers good morning or afternoon;

Talk about something useful and inspiring by showing a book you love or read;

Everyone loves cats – remember this;

Instagram Content, A selfie with a product will help you talk about an unusual way of using it, make your audience laugh, and you will immediately see that the number of comments will begin to grow;

Cosmetics, varnishes, lipsticks, gloss – girls love them all, and they are the main audience of Instagram;

Instagram Content, How necessary is your product when traveling? Ask your followers to tell you about their vacations. Post a photo of sunglasses, a hat, or plane tickets for this;

Product packaging is important, write about your feelings when you open the products and the anticipation of surprises and gifts inside;

Useful tricks and life hacks can be illustrated with sand, cereals and even nuts;

Instagram Content, Craft paper and wooden textures will help talk about ecology, animals – about helping our little brothers. Talk about the environment and helping each other;

Annoying little things in life happen to everyone, tell us how the product helps deal with this. Photos of beads, pins and small objects will help you;

Instagram Content Partners and friends are always good. Tell us about them, share them, and recommend them. Double benefit in action: you post about them, they post about you.

Selling Content

Instagram Content, So how do you ultimately sell? We have gained trust through informational content, gained loyalty through entertaining posts, and now we can sell. With the help of selling content, we attract customers and make sales. It should take up approximately 30% of the entire blog.

What Is selling Content?


Specific trade offers, promotions, information about discounts, sales;

Social confirmation posts that say that your product is popular and people buy it;

Instagram Content, Reviews and photos of real customers, customer stories about how they solved their problem with the help of a product, or photos with stars.

Ideas For Selling Publications

Instagram Content, Write about promotions; photographs of hands and gestures will help you with this;

A good review and a photo of the happy owner of the product. If so, buy it!

Favorable prices and special offers are illustrated by photographs of sweets and baked goods;

Paper, letters and envelopes tell the story of a person who solved a problem using your product;

Product with a star – an interview with a famous person or blogger.

And never forget to publish the material.

Types Of Content On Instagram

Instagram Content, There are many content options. To make it easier to understand, we described each in detail and collected everything in one table, and all you need to do is select the appropriate types of content and optimize them for your audience target.

Instagram Content, Content is the only way to convince people to buy from you. Every good post increases the likelihood of a purchase, and every bad post decrease it.

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