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Math Iq Question: Find The Right Answer In 21 Seconds!

Math Iq Question: There are multiple ways to exercise your brain, but possibly none more fun than solving mental math riddles, brain teasers or puzzles. It’s exciting, challenging and ultimately satisfying if you get the correct answer. The rush of dopamine you get can elevate your mood and lift you out of the dull everyday life.

These days, most people are overwhelmed due to excess screen usage and over-reliance on technology. This can dim your intelligence over time and such the joy out of life. So, it’s paramount that you keep working out your brain regularly.

Math Iq Question, Math riddles are a fun way of stimulating your mind and getting your mental juices flowing. It can boost your concentration, problem-solving ability, critical thinking, and creativity. This is particularly important if you are a student. Today, we bring you one such tricky math riddle for students that’s sure to leave you scratching your head.

Tricky Math Riddles: Find The Next Number in 21 Seconds

Math Iq Question

Math Iq Question, Here is a viral math riddle that’s been trending on the internet. You have 21 seconds to find the next number in the above series. You can use any mathematical operations or methods to get your answer.

Tricky Math Riddle Solution

Math Iq Question

Hopefully, you enjoyed solving this number series puzzle and cracked it before the deadline. Now, it’s time to check the solution. The next number would be 68.

Surprised! Right?

Well, don’t be. Many people fail to find the correct answer. Below is the full solution.

Method 1:

Math Iq Question, You need to carefully observe the pattern of the right-hand side figures. You’ll notice that the numbers on the ones place and tens place are increasing at an increment of 1, starting from 3 and 1, respectively.

As per this pattern, the next number would be 116 would result in 68.

Method 2:

Math Iq Question, If you observe the pattern, you’ll find that the number at the tens place is the unit number of the left-hand side figures.

The ones place digit on the LHS figure is the sum of all digits on the RHS figure.

111 = 1/(1+1+1) = 13

112 = 2/(1+1+2) = 14


116= 6/(1+1+6) = 68

There’s your answer.

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