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Good Memory IQ Test: Prove To Everyone That You Have A Good Memory By Applying The Mathematical Rules To This Equation.

Good Memory IQ Test: It’s true that this challenge seems simple at first, but you’re going to need all your math knowledge to complete it.

Do you want to have fun, but do you also want to test your intellectual abilities? Kill two birds with one stone with this mathematics test that we offer you.

Good Memory IQ Test, Indeed, thanks to this test, you will both relax and test your skills. How? You will find out when you try to overcome this challenge. Don’t put pressure on yourself, the main objective is to distract yourself! Take a deep breath and get ready to begin.

Good Memory IQ Test

What Are The Instructions To Follow To Overcome This Challenge?

For this math challenge, all you have to do is solve the equation and get the correct answer. We are going to present to you a very long operation with different mathematical signs.

Good Memory IQ Test

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To succeed, you will have to use all your knowledge of mathematics, because the correct answer depends entirely on the rules that are applied to the operations. So, focus and don’t give up along the way.

Good Memory IQ Test

What Is The Point Of Trying To Take On A Challenge Like This?

Good Memory IQ Test, The math challenges you find online can be extremely helpful. Firstly, they are fun and allow you to relax for a little while.

And it is very important to take a moment’s break every day to avoid overwork. Secondly, if you succeed in solving a mathematical puzzle, this will prove that you have great intellectual abilities.

Good Memory IQ Test, As a result, you will have a little more confidence in yourself and you will have more motivation to continue with the day. Finally, if you cannot find the right answer, you will still be a winner because this type of challenge allows you to highlight your flaws.

Indeed, you will know if you lack concentration or if you lack logic, for example. Therefore, once you know what your shortcomings are, it will be easier for you to improve your performance through exercises or others.

Now is the time to provide the solution.

Good Memory IQ Test, The correct answer is 45! All our congratulations to the people who managed to find the result of this long operation.

For those who couldn’t find the right answer, it doesn’t matter, you probably made a little mistake somewhere. We will explain the steps to follow, because yes, it was necessary to proceed in stages.

Good Memory IQ Test, So, it was necessary to start with the operation found in parentheses and continue with the first division. Then, you had to multiply these two results before continuing with the second division and finishing with the addition.

Here is the solution in pictures to help you understand the steps to follow.

Good Memory IQ Test

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