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7 Best Heart-healthy Exercises To Do At Home

Heart-healthy Exercises: These exercises, it’s the perfect opportunity to pay special attention to heart health and what to do to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

It is also the month when people express their love and affection for others through symbolic gestures such as giving cards and flowers to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There is no better time to start a love affair with your own heart!

Heart-healthy Exercises, Physical activity is one of the best gifts you can give your heart. Adding cardiovascular exercise to your daily routine will help strengthen your heart and lungs, which will improve your blood circulation and reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, activities that increase heart rate help your body secrete happy hormones (endorphins, dopamine and serotonin) which have the ability to lift your mood and make your heart sing! Stay with us in

7 Best Heart-healthy Exercises To Do At Home

Day 1: Knee climbs

Heart-healthy Exercises, Did you know that knee raises are a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise that increases the heart rate, works the core and strengthens the legs? Express your love for your core with short knee raise sessions lasting two to three minutes in a seated or standing position!

Day 2: Dance

Heart-healthy Exercises

Heart-healthy Exercises, Select your favorite song and let yourself go! Not only is dancing a great workout, it’s also a fun way to get your heart rate up. Move like no one is watching and be yourself!

Day 3: Punches In The Void

Heart-healthy Exercises, Did you know that non-contact boxing is as good for your heart as running? Whether you’re sitting or standing, relax your elbows and shoulders, then punch the air alternating from left to right for three minutes. That’s it, an anti-stress exercise that’s good for the heart!

Day 4: Brisk Walk

Heart-healthy Exercises

Heart-healthy Exercises, Walking briskly at a pace of 100 steps per minute is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that helps you warm up, increases your heart rate and even lifts your mood. Walk or ride around the house, work or school to brighten up your heart!

Day 5: Jumping Rope

Heart-healthy Exercises, you think only children jump rope? No way! Whether you have a rope or not, whether you’re sitting or standing, properly performing a jumping exercise strengthens the core, muscles and tendons, and helps prevent injury and pain.

Day 6: Skating Exercise

Skating Exercise

Heart-healthy Exercises, Skating is an excellent cardiovascular exercise. You don’t have access to an ice rink? No problem: this skating exercise may make you feel like you’re skating, but the heart benefits it provides are real. Hop from foot to foot, lifting your legs as if you were jumping over a puddle. Integrate the arm movement to really feel like you’re skating!

 Day 7: HIIT

Heart-healthy Exercises, Today is the day to really get your heart pumping. Take the time to do our HIIT workout. These 20 minutes of intense heart-pounding pleasure are just what the doctor ordered!

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