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What Makes A Woman Sexy: When you hear the word “sexy”, you will think of a hot woman who dresses seductively, with full makeup. right?  But in reality, Sexiness is not only from dressing, makeup and hair style but sexiness is exuded from our charm and attitude.

Everyone has a charm in their own way but may still not be able to find out or not use the right way. It must come from both inside and outside.

What Makes A Woman Sexy, However, the following are our 10 tips that will make a women look sexy to a man and advice that can help improve your chances with the opposite sex!

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1. Be Confident!

What Makes A Woman Sexy, Confidence is not about walking with your back straight or neck up but it’s about believing in yourself and knowing how to use your charm to impress others. A woman must start with confidence first. If you’re still embarrassed, it will be unsightly.

Let’s start by taking care of yourself. Know your body, where it is the most perfect part such as S waist, long legs or beautiful hips. Where is our selling point? We should put on clothes that highlight that part and should choose the right selling point then, you will be more self assured and once you are confident, you will stand out immediately.

What Makes A Woman Sexy

2. Women look sexy when they make eye contact

What Makes A Woman Sexy, Making eye contact increases your attraction and encourages the other person to feel infatuated with you. So, if you want to be someone who looks sexy in the men’s eyes, you must dare to make eye contact or send him your sweet eyes. Who knew that just making eye contact for a few minutes could make the other person fall in love with you! Try to make eye contact as much as possible and blink your eyes rhythmically.

3. Make-up

What Makes A Woman Sexy, It’s not just the dress that creates a sexy look for women because make-up can change the look to be sexy as well, especially the eyes and lips. Whether we wear dark lipstick or a subtle colour, the right make up will be spell binding for men!

What Makes A Woman Sexy

4. You look super sexy when you wear high heels

What Makes A Woman Sexy, We already know that high heels can add charm but in scientific terms, you’ll look sexier too. According to studies, men are more willing to help a woman who wears heels than a woman who wears flats if a woman drops her gloves on the road. – 95% of men will chase after a woman who wears high heels to return the gloves. – and another 62 percent of women who wore flats had men running after them to get their gloves back.

5. Humor, good attitude, smart talk

Being sexy doesn’t always mean you have to wear your body in the shape of a villain with red lips. Because now men like women who can think smart too. So, what a woman like us should do is try to stay motivated all the time.

What Makes A Woman Sexy, This may not mean just academic skills but it might be to learn more from something you like. For example, if you like a classic song. Let’s find out more about the music industry because one day you might meet a man talking the same thing. if you know a little deeper or have something cool to share, it might make him say wow!

When talking to a man, make sure to include some mischief in the conversation. This lets them know that you are spicy like a chilly but please… Don’t be rude, just politely naughty! Good Mood : The starting point to make everyone want to get to know you is good mood, of course!

What Makes A Woman Sexy

Who wants to talk to a maddened girl who’s always frowning? So, no matter how angry or irritated you are, try to hide it inside. Sip a glass of water to cool off and then look up and smile. Trust us, not only will you look 76% prettier, doing this is also an exercise in self-control.

6.Dress fashionably and trendy

Dressing up is another way to add sexiness and sex appeal to you. If you choose to wear clothes that fit your body shape to show off your curves, you will look better, bring out your complexion and look sexy in the eyes of those who look at you.

You can show some part of your body, especially your neck and shoulders, that doesn’t have to be a lot of porn but can easily catch the eye of the men! and most importantly, don’t forget the classic and fashionable accessory like Nathalie Fordeyn’s womens sunglasses, which will make men fall head over heels for you!  *Picture from Lady by Ash brand.

What Makes A Woman Sexy

7. Smile

What Makes A Woman Sexy, A subtle smile will make you more attractive to those around you.  An easy way to not make you look too hilarious is to smile with a beautiful corner of your mouth when sitting in front of a guy and when he tells a joke. Let’s laugh naturally. don’t tense your face Let’s say about 3 on the Richter scale, just the face shaking is good enough.

8. Take care of the figure to be firm, always look good and healthy

Of course, our figure is very important. Mostly, a woman in good shape wears anything and everything looks good. You can also wear sexy outfits. Too thin is not good, too fat is not good but we would like to focus on making the body look strong and healthy. It’s better. The technique is to exercise and choose an outfit to suit your body shape, focusing on your hips, waist and chest.

What Makes A Woman Sexy

9. Charming Movement

The movement of a woman’s body is a great stimulant for sexiness. Confident good looks will make women look charming. Therefore, if you want to look sexy in the eyes of men, you should organize your bodies well, sit with their backs straight, with their necks erect, with their heads slightly raised, or whether they are blinking, moving, tilting your heads or twisting lazily. Try moving your body at a slower rate of 10% to make the guys feel seductive and unable to take their eyes off.

10. Playful Touching

What Makes A Woman Sexy, Touching the body is a natural way to add sexiness. You can touch your lips, hand to cheek, cross arms, sit with legs crossed, play with your hair. These things will increase your attraction. Make you become a sexy girl without realizing it. try to keep it natural, don’t invent too much. This will make the guy’s heart tremble, believe me!

Any girl who wants to have a sex appeal needs to start with self confidence and the rest will follow. A gentle smile, enjoy a conversation, flirt naturally but don’t try to hard.  Well we hope you enjoyed our 10 tips that will make a women look sexy to a man, leave a comment below.

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