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6 Painful Signs He Doesn’t Want You To Be His Girlfriend

Signs He Doesn’t Want You: You want a boyfriend and you’ve been searching for the signs he wants you to be his girlfriend, too, but you can’t seem to find any?

Well, maybe he really doesn’t want anything serious and he is not on the same page as you. This happens all the time and you are not the only one who’s faced with this problem.

A lot of guys send signals that they are into you but when you start a relationship you notice a lack of interest and it ends up with you taking care of everything. You are the only one who is trying to make things work.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You, But the difference between men who are interested in dating you and who are only looking for a good time is not that big. You can often mix up signs and interpret them the way it suits you.

So, to escape a potential catastrophe and run away in time, read the signs he doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend:

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 1.The two of you are so different

One of the reasons he doesn’t want you to be his girlfriend can be that the two of you are very different.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You, You may have different belief systems, or you are a vegetarian and he is not.

It doesn’t matter what is at stake, if it bothers him, he won’t be able to let it go that easily. Maybe he is shy and you are outgoing, it really doesn’t matter as long as it’s different.

Most people don’t see these differences as things that can bring you together even closer, things that can teach you a thing or two; they look at them as things they won’t be able to handle, things that will destroy a potential relationship.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You

2.He doesn’t want to label things

If he refuses to define what kind of relationship you’re in, then he definitely doesn’t want to be with you. He is probably just stringing you along because he doesn’t have the courage to say to your face that it’s over.

Guys who want to be with you will tell you that and those who only want one thing will also give you clues that you are nothing more than a hook-up.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You , Those who refuse to put a label on it are the most dangerous ones.

3.He doesn’t show interest in you

I don’t mean sexual interest, I mean that he is not interested in what kind of a person you are. He doesn’t ask questions about your life and he is not interested in your past.

He doesn’t care whether you’ve dated one guy or twenty. He doesn’t care if you have a brother or sister and he really doesn’t care about your hobbies. A guy who is into you will put the effort into trying to find out what you like and don’t like.

He will try hard to find out things about you because he genuinely cares about you.

4.He never calls you

He only texts you and that is a clear sign that he doesn’t want to communicate with you. He doesn’t want to make your relationship deeper, he wants to keep you at arm’s length.

Texting someone only means you’re trying to avoid communication with that person. And why is someone trying to avoid communication? He doesn’t care enough to get involved so much.

Signs He Doesn’t Want You

5.He doesn’t want to introduce you to his friends

He doesn’t want to involve you in his personal life. Friends are like family and if you don’t mean that much to him, he won’t introduce you to them.

He doesn’t want them to meet you because he is not planning on keeping you around that long, so why then bother introducing you to them?

6.He doesn’t care about impressing you

Signs He Doesn’t Want You , He doesn’t care about your opinions because he is not interested in a long-term relationship with you and that’s why he doesn’t even bother impressing you.

He basically doesn’t care about what you think about him because he is probably just keeping you as a backup plan. He probably only wants you for sex and nothing else and he doesn’t care about your opinions.

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