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30 Qualities Of A Good Girlfriend

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend: Why does it matter that you find a girlfriend who has good qualities? Simply because committing to a relationship with someone means you plan to marry her someday and spend the rest of your life together. Therefore, it is necessary that you find a girl who is more than a pretty face.

If you are still uncertain of what traits to look for in a girlfriend, then check out these qualities that every guy would want their partner to have:

30 Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

1. She is trustworthy.

Find a girl who is not only faithful in your relationship, but can be trusted in all areas. She must be honest at all times, and you know would not be divulging your secrets to anyone else–even when you are not on good terms.

2. She respects you.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, She does not humiliate you in the public, calls you “stupid” or “lame” whenever you fail at something, and undermines your decisions. She should respect your values and principles even if she does not agree with them.

3. She knows how to get along with your loved ones.

Your girlfriend should not only be nice to you. She should be kind to your family and friends as well, knowing that they are part of your world too.

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4. She is not insecure.

A secure girl is someone who is confident in her own skin, knows her worth, and is not envious or threatened by others’ achievements.

5. She is strong and independent.

Look for a woman who knows how to handle herself on her own. She can feed or protect herself, and does not rely on others to accomplish something.

6. She is loyal.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, Even if she meets someone more handsome or successful than you, she would not be entertaining him because of her commitment to your relationship.

7. She knows how to say “sorry”.

Find a girl who knows when she is at fault and is humble enough to admit her mistakes and apologize for them.

8. She is honest with what she feels and what she thinks.

A girl who can be straightforward with what she feels and thinks is someone who knows her value. You would not have a hard time understanding her and avoiding hurting her feelings.

9. She is herself when around you.

Look for a girl who is true to herself all the time, especially when you are together. She should not pretend to be what she is not just to impress you.

10. She is someone you can be yourself with.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, At the same time, find a woman with whom you do not have to pretend to be someone else.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

11. She is smart.

Choose an intelligent girl over a physically attractive—but not so smart—one. You will be saved from nonsense and dull conversations, and there will be someone to help you come up with good decisions.

12. She can make you laugh.

Find a girl who has a sense of humor or, at least, knows how to make you laugh when you are down. She can light up your world.

13. She does not tolerate your mistakes and bad habits.

A good girlfriend would not want you to corrupt your character or be destroyed by negative habits, such as drug addiction, gambling, and other vices. She will correct you when necessary.

14. She loves you unconditionally.

She knows you are not perfect but still accepts you wholeheartedly. She would not leave you because you do not have a car or her salary is bigger than yours. She would stay with you despite your failures.

15. She is proud of you.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, You know you got a girlfriend who truly loves you if she proudly introduces you to her family and friends. She would not keep you hidden even on social media.

16. She does not keep records of your wrongs.

Once an issue has been settled, she will not bring it up again in your future fights. She chooses to forgive and forget.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

17. She believes you can do it.

An ideal girlfriend supports and cheers you towards your goals. She believes in your potentials and will not question your capacity to reach your dreams.

18. She is not demanding.

Aside from being content with what you can offer her, a good girlfriend understands that you cannot give her all your time and attention since you have other priorities.

19. She takes care of you.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, Find a girl who brings you healthy meals, encourages you to go on regular exercise, and makes sure you take your meds whenever you are sick.

20. She helps you be closer to God.

Look for a partner who will encourage you to put God at the center of your life and your relationship. The rest of these qualities would not be hard to find in her.

21. She is patient with you.

The best girlfriend would not leave right away just because you fail her or because she discovers your foul attitude. She understands you are not perfect and gives you more time to mature, hoping you will eventually change.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

22. She is not jealous and possessive.

Jealousy is a sign of insecurity. A mature and secure woman is not afraid that you meet other girls. She would not prevent you from hanging out with your girl buddies.

23. She is wife material.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, Look for a woman who can manage the house and knows how to budget finances wisely. She should also be able to take care of your future kids.

24. She follows her own dreams.

A girl who knows exactly what she wants to be and pursues it with perseverance is a gem. She is goal-oriented—and will help you stay on track too.

25. She is practical with life decisions.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, She must be a woman who knows how to save money, weighs the pros and cons of her plans carefully, and decides according to what will be beneficial in the long run more than what she desires at the moment.

26. She knows how to take care of herself.

Find a girl who values her health and hygiene. She will take care of yours and your future kids too.

27. She appreciates you.

Look for that special woman who is grateful for every little effort you do for her. She will not take you for granted.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

28. She has a positive outlook on life.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, Find a partner who can encourage you during times when everything seems to go wrong. She is someone who is optimistic and sees the bright side of every situation.

29. She is more beautiful inside than outside.

Having a head-turner girlfriend can boost your pride as a guy. However, if you are considering spending a lifetime with that woman, make sure that she is someone whose attitude you can handle.

30. She inspires you to be a better person.

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend, A good girlfriend brings out the best in you. She can motivate you to work harder for your dreams and future, plus she should be able to help you change for the better.

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