Zoe Ball Reveals ‘Heartbreak’ As Her Mother Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Zoe Ball: BBC Radio 2 presenter Zoe Ball has announced her “heartbreak” after her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

In a post on her Instagram on Wednesday (6 March), the broadcaster shared the news as she wrote: “Heartbreakingly our beautiful Mama Julia has been diagnosed with Cancer.

Zoe Ball, “As many of you know from experience, these are extremely tough times. Mum is being incredibly brave.”

Ball’s mother Julia was married to TV presenter Johnny Ball, with the couple divorcing when the BBC Radio 2 host was two years old.

Zoe Ball, “My brother Jamie & I are completely in awe of the brilliant Doctors, Nurses & support teams looking after Mum. Thank you,” she wrote.

Zoe Ball, “Gratitude to our families & our extended family & friends at home & at work for their support at this time.

Zoe Ball, “Sending out love to people reading this who are battling cancer, or awaiting diagnosis & also to the folk looking after their dear ones who are poorly.

Zoe Ball Reveals ‘Heartbreak’ As Her Mother Is Diagnosed With Cancer

Zoe Ball

“I’m trying to be at work on breakfast as often as I can but occasionally need to be home with my Mama. Thanks to Gaby for stepping in.”

Zoe had previously opened up about her relationship with her mother in an interview on Desert Island Discs. She discussed living with her father for the majority of her upbringing as her mother left when she was two.

Zoe Ball, “It was tough not seeing my mum for all those years, because I think it does make you question a lot of stuff as a kid,” she said.

The pair appear to have built a close relationship with Julia helping with childcare when the presenter leaves for holiday.

Mum’s a sweetheart, she mans the fort. We’re going on holiday together later this year,” she said on the show.

Zoe Ball, Paddy McGuiness, Julia Bradbury and Natalie Cassidy all shared their support on her post saying they were “sending love” to her family. BBC radio colleague Adele Roberts added, “Thinking of your amazing mum and sending so much love to you all.”

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