What Is A Classy Woman? Here Are 9 Examples To Become One!

What Is A Classy Woman: Kate Middleton. Jackie Kennedy. Grace Kelly. These are three names that come to mind when we think of what is a classy woman. It’s something that we all strive to become. The idea of what it is to be classy has changed over the years.

Being a classy woman has nothing to do with your social class and everything to do with how you carry yourself and behave in public. A classy woman is someone who is always impeccably well-groomed and walks with her head held high. On a mission to help us all channel our inner Princess Grace, we’re rounding up the 9 habits that make a classy woman who she is!

1. A Classy Woman Is Always on Time

Punctuality is more than about just showing up on time to an event or meeting. It’s a sign that you respect your host or companion enough to make the effort to get there at the time that you agreed. There’s nothing worse than being left sitting waiting on another person to show up! It’s a waste of their time, and they could have done something more productive with it.

What Is A Classy Woman, Always make the effort to show up on time and let your friend or companion know right away if there are any unexpected delays. 5 minutes early is arriving on time!

What Is A Classy Woman

2. A Classy Woman Listens to Others

We all know someone who likes the sound of their own voice, but a classy woman will always take the time to listen to others and to engage with their conversations. Put your phone away while speaking to someone and give them your full attention! Sitting and looking at your phone while someone is speaking gives the impression that there is something more important than what they’re telling you.

What Is A Classy Woman, Listen to your friend and always give your advice (if they ask for it) or thoughts on the subject after hearing them out!

3. A Classy Woman Never Starts a Fight

The mid-dinner arguments that you see on shows like the Real Housewives and Keeping Up With the Kardashians are the perfect examples of what not to do. A classy woman is respectful, stays away from drama, and doesn’t create any. If you have an issue with someone, discuss it with them in private and without an audience. If someone gives you gossip, stop and think. What is a classy lady? She’s not a gossip!

What Is A Classy Woman

4. A Classy Woman is (Selectively) Private

What Is A Classy Woman, You don’t need to share every detail of your life with the internet. While some women choose to share every minor detail with their social media followers, a classy lady is more selective. Don’t post “thirst traps” or anything that makes it clear that you’re only doing it for attention and fake compliments. Post photos that you love, have a meaning behind them, and ones that you want to show your friends.

As well as being private on social media, you want to be selectively private in real life too. Don’t go around sharing your business with everyone. You don’t want to become a source of gossip and friends may think they aren’t able to trust you with their own information either. Keep your inner circle close and be wise about who you share private information with.

5. A Classy Woman is Herself

What Is A Classy Woman, Too many people are trying to mold themselves into some unachievable person! Whether it’s jumping on bandwagons or chasing trends in an effort to become someone else, it’s something you want to avoid. A classy woman is always authentic and true to herself.

Fake people are easy to spot from a crowd too. Why would you want to spend your life pretending to be someone you’re not? Embrace who you are and be happy!

What Is A Classy Woman

6. A Classy Woman Knows Her Dress Codes

We’ve all been to an event where someone has shown up wearing entirely the wrong thing. A classy woman knows her dress codes and what is appropriate to wear for any occasion. She knows when a neckline is and isn’t appropriate. She’s a master in the art of business casual workwear, and she always has a cocktail dress hanging in her closet!

7. A Classy Woman is Confident

What is a classy woman? She’s someone who holds her head high and is assertive without being rude! Though you may not always feel confident, that feeling makes a difference in everything, whether it’s the clothes you wear or the topic you’re speaking about. Be prepared to try new things and don’t let things hold you back!

What Is A Classy Woman

8. A Classy Woman Has Style

A classy woman has a wardrobe full of elegant clothing. You can express your personal style while looking presentable as a classy woman. Focus on incorporating classic and timeless pieces into your daily wardrobe. Invest in high-quality pieces that you know will last you a lifetime and stay away from too many items that are covered in logos!

9. A Classy Woman is Well Read

What Is A Classy Woman, Though you don’t need to consume yourself, a classy woman frequently reads the news to be informed of what’s happening in the world, including the local news channel. A classy woman is educated and well-read. You can use your lunchtime as an opportunity to catch up on your reading and to learn something new!

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